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Air Conditioner NOT Working!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I may have mentioned that neither of my air conditioners are wotking. I purchased two ceiling fans and had them installed--but with the heat we have been having they aren't much help. I have been sitting here with sweat all over my body for days now. If I lie down right under the fan on my bed--my skin does get cooler--but still clammy. I am not a happy camper!!!!!

On Wednesday--the day this post actually goes live--two things are supposed to happen which means I will sit in here all day most likely. Not a pleasant thought. I feel so bad for my poor little kitty cat--she has been living in the bathroom where the tiles are cooler--coming out only for water or her food.

It seems that air connditioners in apartments at least have to be reseated in the wall occasionally----I'm not sure when they will be here to preform this miracle--hopefully earlier rather then later.

And of course it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow--but then it takes a while for this apartment to cool off since I am on the top floor.

Here's HOPING for at least one working air conditioner!!

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Edna Williams said...

I actually have no air conditioning right now! Hopefully, by now, yours is operational! Thanks for sharing!

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