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Recycling Plastic--Can You See the Numbers?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Pic from Earth Easy

This is not a sponsored post or paid post--all opinions are my own!

I recycle--or reuse everything and anything I can. I wash all the food off before throwing it into our buildings recycling bins. Just the other day--I did not feel like cooking and picked up some takeout from Stop & Shop. They had a container I had never seen before--it looked like some kind of cardboard but was covered in plastic. I attempted to read the number inside the recycle triangle---could not make it out. Finally, after I washed it--and it dried--turns out it was a number 2! But that started me thinking--how much is recyclable but is not because people can not read the number!!

The article from Earth Easy is extremely interesting and helpful for those of us who are recycle fanatics-or those who want to be.

Maybe the powers that be should make those numbers much larger--or a contrasting color?

Personally I would prefer they returned to using aluminum again. I do not have a microwave anymore--Aluminum pans can be washed and reused many times in the oven!! And yes, I do reuse those plastic containers for storing leftovers.

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mail4rosey said...

Good for you! I recycle too. My DIL is better at it than anyone I've met. She buys only if she can recycle. They have separated bins in their house. They compost. You've made a good point about the numbers. It's getting harder for me to see lots of things, so I'm all for contrasting color or bigger print.

Edna Williams said...

I personally never knew what those numbers meant. I agree with you about the size of the print. I really should be bigger. Thanks for sharing!

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