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Nathan's--My Mom's Favorite Place to Eat-Sometimes

Monday, June 24, 2019

This was approx 2 years ago

My Mom is going to be 97 in November and she still has her brain-mostly--She loves to go out to eat lunch--but she generally drives me crazy. She tells me to decide--yeah right--

Just the other day we were out and as usual she asked me where we were going to eat--she told me to chose. Usually I keep my mouth shut but really felt like hot dogs with the works--so I said Nathan's. She came back with--oh that is a great idea--I feel like some chicken soup. I looked at her and said--so you really want to go to Epstein's. She replied with--wasn't that what you said? Duh-NO. So off to Epstein's we went. We both ended up getting salami and eggs which were actually quite good. She blames her hearing aids--I truly believe she hears exactly only what she wants to hear.

Yesterday she had me driving around for some errands she needed to run--and of course where to eat lunch came up again--This time I said Nathan's-LOUD and CLEAR. Thankfully she agreed--so I finally got my hot dogs with the works-She was handed her plate of sauerkraut, her straw, fork and diet coke via me-the waitress brought our hot dogs and fries. She loves french fries--and yeah we both ended up getting them--cause it seems that Nathan's (on Central Ave at least) has come back with their combos. I always remember to ask for the senior discount--you do have to ask--but yeah they have one--which makes my Mom even happier!!

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Edna Williams said...

We used to have a Nathan's near us, but then it closed. My heart was broken! Thanks for sharing!

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