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Book Review-The Marijuana Murders: Nostalgia City Mysteries # 3 -Mark S Bacon

Monday, April 15, 2019

Having grown up in the 60's and 70's this series of books (yes I read the first two) felt like a homecoming to me. I really wish there was a theme park like the one depicted in these novels--without all the murders of course!

Kate and her boyfriend Lyle (an ex cop turned cab driver) become embroiled in a murder investigation. Who killed the mechanic in the theme parks garage? AND who killed the owner of the store Xanadu--one of Kate's personal friends and a very gentle person.

Drugs and the legalization of Marijuana are at the heart of the entire mess--

Twists and turns galore--will all the killers get caught? One of them you will never guess!!

This is a fast reading novel which I ended up reading in one session--could not put it down!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Nostalgia City executive Kate Sorensen finds the body of a mechanic crushed under an automobile hoist in the theme park’s garage. Accident or murder? Will it impact Kate’s decision to become advisor for one of two competing statewide campaigns to legalize marijuana in Arizona?When the death is ruled a homicide and the DEA stages a surprise raid, park cab driver Lyle Deming is recruited to help solve the murder and find out if the park’s garage is being used to smuggle drugs. The sometimes erratic ex-cop is soon poking around a Mexican border town, looking for a park contractor who might be a drug mule. Or he might be dead.Meanwhile, Kate is dragged into a dangerous, high-stakes race to control the legal pot market in Arizona. Amid setbacks and threats, she and Lyle must sort through a tangle of complex evidence and shifty suspects.Then there’s another murder.The Marijuana Murders is the third novel in this mystery series set in Nostalgia City, a theme park that re-creates—in every detail—a small town as it would have appeared in the 1970s.

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About the Author: (from the back of the e-book)

Mark S. Bacon began his career as a Southern California newspaper police reporter, one of his crime stories becoming key evidence in a murder case that spanned decades. After working for two newspapers, he moved to advertising and marketing when he became a copywriter for Knott’s Berry Farm, the large theme park down the road from Disneyland. Experience working at Knott’s formed part of the inspiration for his creation of Nostalgia City theme park. Before turning to fiction, Bacon wrote business books including Do-It-yourself Direct Marketing, printed in three editions, four languages, named best business book of the year by Library Journal, and selected by the Book of the Month Club and two other book clubs. His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, San Antonio Express News, The Denver Post, Orange Coast, and many other publications. Most recently he was a correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle. The Marijuana Murders is the third book in the Nostalgia City Mystery series that began with Death in Nostalgia City. The first book introduced ex-cop-turned-cab-driver Lyle Deming and PR executive Kate Sorensen, a former college basketball star. Death in Nostalgia City was recommended for book clubs in 2019 by the American Library Association, and Desert Kill Switch, the second book in the series, was the top fiction entry in the 2018 Great Southwest Book Festival. Bacon is working on mystery number four. He is also the author of flash fiction mystery books including, Cops, Crooks and Other Stories in 100 Words. He and his wife, Anne, live in Reno with their golden retriever, Willow.

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