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Book Review-Diamonds and Cole-Michael Maxwell

Thursday, April 18, 2019

This is not exactly a happily ever after tale of two people who walked away from each other years before--but it is a true love story! Cole Sage used to be a respected news jounalist--but he has lost his mojo--he pines after the woman who he let walk away. Then he gets a phone call from her--out of the blue--she needs his help.

He takes a leave of absence from his hum drum job and drives out to see what is wrong. He finds her in a convalescent home dying of ALS. Her husband had kind of thrown her in there and then left her--Her daughter had run away years ago and she wants desparately for him to find her and convince the daughter to please come to say goodbye. She is also worried because her husband was possibly about to steal her daughters inheritance.

Cole, who is actually pretty mild mannered goes about trying to find the daughter and to get back that power of attorney. Being a journalist he finds out things along the way and vows vengenxe against the husband. I will say he got him good!!

There was some violence from some pretty bad people--also some really good happenings from really good people. This is a clean novel believe it or not!! Very little if any profanity and no sex scenes whatsoever!!

The ending made me sad and happy all at the same time--I am sure if you read this book you will not only enjoy it but it might make you think!

I received a copy of the e-book from the author for enjoyment and possible review. All Opinions are my own.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

How Far Would You Go For the One That Got Away?

Cole Sage, a once brilliant journalist, has just about reached rock bottom. Haunted by the longing for the woman he lost, Cole is jarred to a crossroads when an elderly woman shoots and kills a hostage negotiator in front of him.

Cole is stunned to receive a one line cry for help from his one great love. Face to face with his past, and an uncertain future, he tries to find her estranged daughter.

The path to keeping his word is blocked at every turn, by her abusive husband who abandoned her, his shady real estate deals, violent con men, street thugs, and the fortune in diamonds that bring them all together.

The anger, sorrow, and crippling guilt, of twenty years fires Cole’s drive to keep a promise. In the end, will his determination and grit heal and return the soul to the great journalist?

Beaten, bloody but determined, Cole Sage conquers greed and hatred with a strength that only love and a will as hard as diamond can achieve.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Micheal Maxwell has traveled the globe on the lookout for strange sights, sounds, and people. His adventures have taken him from the Jungles of Ecuador and the Philippines, to the top of the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge, and from the cave dwellings of Native Americans to The Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler's Eagles Nest! He's always looking for a story to tell and interesting people to meet.

Micheal Maxwell was taught the beauty and majesty of the English language by Bob Dylan, Robertson Davies, Charles Dickens and Leonard Cohen.

Mr. Maxwell has traveled the globe, dined with politicians, rock stars and beggars. He has rubbed shoulders with priests and murderers, surgeons and drug dealers, each one giving him a part of themselves that will live again in the pages of his books.

Micheal Maxwell has found a niche in the mystery, suspense, genre with The Cole Sage Series that gives readers an everyman hero, short on vices, long on compassion, and a sense of fair play, and the willingness to risk everything to right wrongs. The Cole Sage Series departs from the usual, heavily sexual, profanity laced norm and gives readers character driven stories, with twists, turns, and page turning plot lines.

Micheal Maxwell writes from a life of love, music, film, and literature. Along with his lovely wife and travel partner, Janet, he divides his time between a their home in a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, and their lake house in Washington.

Author Website

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