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$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Holly and the Framed Friend: The Holly Lewis Mystery Series-Dianne Harman Ends 5/7

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You may remember Holly from the Cottonwood Springs series. Well now she has her own series and it is really good! This one can be read by tweens and adults alike. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and it does kind of remind me of them. Of course the things that can happen are more up to date. If you have read the Cottonwood Springs series then you know that Holly was invited to visit relatives she never knew she had.

Of course she was nervous and really wanted to know why her Mom never mentioned these relatives to her. She wanted to find out the truth**It took a bit of digging and finding and reading her Mom's diary in her Grandfather's house (she hadn't known about him either!). However--all that got sidelined when a girl at her cousins school was accused of defaming school lockers and walls--unfairly. Some one had dressed to look like her--Holly and two cousins decided to find out who really did this to exonerate the friend and so the Bonfire the girl's parents threw every year would go on. As most of us are aware--high school girls can be very two faced--pretend to be your friend--but can also be VERY jealous and back stabbing.

There were several girls who were suspects and Holly and cousins had to slowly figure out who did it.

Does Holly figure out both mysteries? This does end on a kind of happy note---Parents beware of just how popular you want your children to be!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

If you loved Nancy Drew, you don’t want to miss the debut novel in the Holly Lewis series by two-time USA Today Bestselling Author, Dianne Harman.

Family secrets. A murdered mother. An estranged aunt. A diary. A vandalized high school.

Holly knows nothing about her biological family living in Missouri. When her aunt invites her to stay with them for two weeks after her mother’s murder, she has mixed feeling but decides to accept the invitation.

Once she’s there, she’s determined to find out why her mother chose to live alone and at a distance from her family. What happened, and why won’t her aunt talk about it? Does the diary she finds hold the key?

And who’s been vandalizing the high school? Her cousin’s friend has been accused, but is she guilty? Holly has to use her skills solving mysteries both at the high school and in her family.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

To get your free books from Dianne, just cut and paste: http://ow.ly/wgVG304NU9N Enjoy!

USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star Author, Dianne Harman, draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught and certified yoga instructors. She's traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking, playing backgammon with her husband, Tom, and throwing the ball for their dog, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn't resist writing about food and dogs. Dianne is the author of several cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, High Desert, Midwest, Jack Trout, and the Northwest. Each of these books contains recipes from her travels. Alexis, the first book in the Midlife Journey Series was also recently published. She's the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series.

Murder in the Pearl District was chosen by Amazon to be one of their Mystery books in their October, 2016 homage of great writing by independent authors and several of her books have been chosen by them as PRIME books!

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Anonymous said...

I like anything Nancy Drew I grew up on that series and it is the one reason I love mysteries today. Congratulations on the series and I would love to read it.
Marilyn ewatvess@yahoo.com

Calvin F. said...

I do indeed like that type of character. Still have yet to dive into her series yet. Been a fan of mystery books all my life

jean602 said...

I love Nancy Drew I haven't started the series yet.

Dianne Harman said...

Wish you all could win. Good luck!

bn100 said...


Nancy Payette said...

Very interesting

Nancy Payette said...

I tried to leave a comment on your reviews but they aren't loading.

Daniel M said...

haven't read any yet

Deb PelletierC said...

I haven't read any of her books , but I would like too. Many of the books sounds very interesting. Nancy Drew was great when I was a teen.

Erin N said...

Hi There! I have not read any of the Cottonwood series yet, but a Nancy Drew-type of book sounds very interesting. I love mysteries. Thank you!

Kimberly R said...

I haven't read any o the Cottonwood series as yet but I do like Nancy Drew so I do have to check it out.

Rebecca W. said...

I enjoy reading Nancy Drew mysteries, and I like knowing that my daughter could read it as well!

catwoman1a said...

I have read some of the Cottonwood Springs series and have enjoyed what I've read. A good clean Nancy Drew-like mystery is wonderful. Brings me back to my much younger days!!

Kat said...

I have enjoyed each and every book I read of this series. πŸ™„πŸ˜ŠKat

Teddi1961 said...

I have yet to read any from the Cottonwood Springs series but I have read Murder & the Monkey Band and have all the Red Zero and Black Dots series (yet to read as so many ARCs so little time!) But I grew up on Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, then on to Nancy Drew so I am a super lover of Whodunits!


Catmomma said...

I loved reading Nancy Drew as a kid, and I just finished Holly and The Framed Friend. Loved it!! Hope to see many more like it!

Teri said...

I think I read every Nancy Drew book over and over again as a kid . Looking forward to reading this. Thank you!

Jeanine Carlson said...

I haven't read any of the Cottonwood Series yet. I*'m surprised! You're already on Book 4!

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