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You Want a Picture of my Tee Shirt?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

I have quite a few tee shirts with cats featured and when I wear one of them I usually get comments--not that unusual--they are kind of cute and colorful. Well yesterday I decided to wear one that was plain gray with only a saying on it.

I was shopping with my Mom at Trader Joe's and was looking over their bread selection as I actually did need a loaf of bread when an employee was trying to look around me. I glanced at him and he said--Uh-excuse me--can I get a photo of your tee shirt? I kind of shrugged and turned around so he could snap a pic. He said his girl friend would love it--now honestly I don't remember where I got this one and it was a while back-and told him so. He walked off just gazing at the photo on his phone.

So what did this plain gray tee shirt say in block print maroon letter letters:


Which is actually the perfect sentiment I was feeling yesterday!

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Edna Williams said...

I was laughing so hard when I read this! I feel like this a lot! Thanks for sharing!

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