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What A Day I Just Had

Thursday, March 21, 2019

I think today might have been the worst day so far in this year of bad days. I keep telling myself things will get better---uh--well I am still hoping!! I am so very tired and no rest in sight--

My Mom was in the hospital 2 weeks ago for 7 dsys--pneumonia--which they got rid of in 2 days--then one of the meds made her blood pressure go so high they had to keep her. I kept practically begging them to call her cardiologist--when they finally gave up and did--what he told them to do actually lowered her pressure enough she was able to go home that day! Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself? Meanwhile I was back and forth to the hospital plus running to my clients and trying to keep up on Facebook groups--read and review books etc etc etc.

Of course since she got home I have been running her back and forth to her doctors. Then she decided that today (Wednesday) she was going to have me take her to get her taxes completed. I said let's go to the one in Ardsley-not far from where she lives--I told her we should leave really early. She insisted on going to the one in Yonkers--we got there and they were already filled up (by 9:15 AM!)-I definitely feel like I am talking to myself a lot lately-so off I drove back to Ardsley. She was almost the last one they allowed to sign up for the day----5 Hours later---her taxes were done. We obviously had to sit around and wait for quite a while! At least that is done for this year!! THEN I was told we had to stop and get some kind of a piece of cake and coffee--then to the grocery store because she needed strawberries, blueberries. bananas and sliced roast beef--let's not forget I had to stop at the library to drop off one of her library books--I finally dropped her off and came home to a very upset and angry cat.

Tomorrow--another doctor appt for her and prob more shopping--I was supposed to work at a client on Fri but she cancelled to Sat--how many bets my Mom thinks up something to drag me out on Friday?

So--if I seem to be sporadic online--please know that at least I am trying my hardest!!

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Deb PelletierC said...

Takes some time off and maybe hire someone to drive your mom to the small appointments. I have the same problems. My hubby has been to the hospital twice in the last six months. One of his medicines made his B/P go up. They changed it. He had to go to a rehab center, for two weeks to get back on his feet. Then a nurse and other people came to check on him and give advice on his care. I give my self about two hours a day, to do my own thing. After he is in bed for the night I can do a little more work around the house. I know he may have to go to a nursing home, but for now I'm glad he is with me. Good luck. :) Deb P

Jaff said...

You should consider reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. It will truly fix you and your loved ones physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellbeing, as it did mine. Just ask, be grateful, and the universe WILL give you everything that you want. Good luck.

Edna Williams said...

I was truly running the same pace as you for about a year after my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was already on dialysis, so I guess I really was going at it for more than that, but the treatments and appointments after his diagnosis seemed to increase exponentially. I can truly empathize, and hope your life is back on an even keel now. Thanks for sharing!

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