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Supermarket Hot Pre-cooked Food

Monday, February 4, 2019

This is NOT a sponsored post-I received nothing for this post!

Being single and living alone does not make for easy food shopping-especially when you hate to throw away food like I do!

There are three supermarkets that I frequent--Acme, Stop & Shop and DeChicco's. I generally shop at Acme for most of what I need since it is on the way home from one of my clients (actually a couple of them!). They have a cold salad bar--but all I get from there is the marinated mushrooms and then there is the marinated artichoke salad-yummy! Very occasionally I will get one of the pre-cooked chickens if they happen to be selling it 4 pieces to the bag. They also have cookies in a brown paper bag--Oatmeal Raisin is the one I choose! I can't forget the ham off the bone at the deli counter--it is a really good price--and my cat craves it. Yes-she is spoiled!

Stop and Shop is where my Mom likes to go--so I am there a lot too. If I happen to need a couple of cans of cat food--they have the best price. Lately I have been ordering that on-line along with cat liter. They have some pretty good stuffed cabbage which I will get on occasion. If I go by myself there is a large Stop and Shop near my apartment--Deli counter here I come--German Potato Salad and All White Tuna Salad. I do scan most of the shelves for sales--Stop and Shop (either one) is also where I can get a quart of Almond Milk-I really don't need a gallon! Of course if I happen to go to Trader Joe's because my Mom is out of almonds etc and a certain bread--they have it as well.

(pic from DeChicco-Ardsley Website)

There are several DeChicco supermarkets around--they are relatively small--and family owned. I go to the one near my Mom's in Ardsley, NY. When it comes to hot pre-cooked foods-they have everyone else beat hands down! They have a selection which changes occasionally. Just the other day I was able to pick up a piece of baked flounder filled with lobster meat-I added a couple of roasted potatoes and spinach w/cannoli beans in a garlic sauce. I bought just enough for one night and it was all delicious! My Mom spotted a baked turkey thigh which is the first I have seen it there--But if you want real homemade Chicken Soup with hunks of chicken and plenty of veggies and noodles--you will not find it better anywhere--(unless you make it yourself). I won't tell you how many times I went there to get ONLY that. My Mom insists that she needs it all the time!!

I love when I can get hot dishes already pre-made (I do have to heat it back up when I get home) and that I can eat all at one time--no waste!

Yes, I do end up spending a bit more because I live alone--but in the long run--I find I save more because there is no waste--and food does not go bad in my refrigerator!

Do you ever buy pre-made food like I described above--if so let me know where. How do you save money when you go grocery shopping?

This is NOT a sponsored post-I received nothing for this post!
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Edna Williams said...

Being able to save money is important to me. I do buy pre-made meals from Acme. They are a decent value and make sense for me as I am widowed. Thanks for sharing!

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