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I Am NOT Very Happy Right Now

Friday, February 15, 2019

Well, I did it--I finished my taxes and sent them speeding over the internet to the Fed and NYS. But I am angry!!

I made less then last year--but that is not what is getting me boiling mad. Granted I was able to itemize last year (due to excessive medical bills)-so I got refunds and knew that this year I would not be able to with all the tax changes--what I did not expect was that I would owe the feds money!! I was fine on the State--no refund but did not owe. And get this--the amount that I owe the Feds is Social Security and Medicare from Self Employment. I am already collecting Social Security (being semi retired) but I am still paying into it as well?

I told them they could withdraw the money from my bank on 4/12---I'll be darned if they get that money a second early!! Hopefully I will be able to save it up by then.

I saw in the news that most peoples refunds will be less then they expect this year---they were not kidding!!

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Paula Pennachio said...

I love this, this is for me and so many people I know

Edna Williams said...

Well, I never get a refund and always pay at the end of the year. I feel the same way. I don't have anything held from my Social Security during the year because I don't want Uncle Sam holding my money. They are not paying interest, so I just save during the year and pay at tax time. Thanks for sharing!

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