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Book Review-Between a Rock and a Hard Place-Debbie De Louise

Friday, January 4, 2019

If you read my review of Celebrating Christmas with My Characters by Debbie De Louise (see my review here) you will already have met a couple of character's who live in Cobble Cove.

Cobble Cove is a small town where most everyone knows one another but it is changing--it is becoming larger. The residents are gearing up for their big Christmas Fest and they get a lot of extra tourists at that time. They are finally thinking about hiring a Police Chief--they are also trying to get donations for the family of a little girl who needs a bone marrow transplant.

Then the unthinkable happens--the gift shop is broken into--and robbed! And there is a strange man hanging around town--he has followed Alicia home and another of the libraries employees has noticed him as well.

There are always secrets about people and more then a couple are revealed throughout the story.

Alicia's husband's sister has gifted them a vacation in a posh hotel--she wants to get to know her twin niece and nephew better--and really wants to give the new parents time off!! Alicia doesn't want to leave her babies but eventually goes--then comes that dreaded phone call no parent ever wants to get--their twins have been kidnapped--John's sister is in the hospital-and John's father's dog is drugged!-they rush back to Cobble Cove!

Will the mystery of the strange man be solved? Will they be able to track down the twins and find the culprit?

This is a clean cozy with lots of twists and turns that I am sure you will enjoy.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Librarian Alicia McKinney has put the past behind her…

Two years ago, Alicia discovered both a terrible truth and lasting love with John McKinney in the small town of Cobble Cove, New York. Now a busy mother of twin babies and co-author of a mystery series, Alicia couldn’t be happier.

Alicia’s contentment and safety are challenged…

Walking home alone from the library, Alicia senses someone following her, and on more than one occasion, she believes she is being watched. Does she have a stalker? When the local gift shop is burglarized, the troubling event causes unrest among Alicia and the residents of the quiet town.

John and Alicia receive an offer they can’t refuse…

When John’s sister offers to babysit while she and John take a much-needed vacation in New York City, Alicia is reluctant to leave her children because of the disturbances in Cobble Cove. John assures her the town is safe in the hands of Sheriff-elect Ramsay. Although Alicia’s experience with and dislike of the former Long Island detective don’t alleviate her concern, she and John take their trip.

Alicia faces her worst nightmare…

The McKinneys’ vacation is cut short when they learn their babies have been kidnapped and John’s sister shot. Alicia and John’s situation puts them between a rock and a hard place when the main suspect is found dead before the ransom is paid. In order to save their children, the McKinneys race against the clock to solve a mystery more puzzling than those found in their own books. Can they do it before time runs out?

Read a Chapter or Two Here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

My name is Debbie De Louise. I'm a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island and the award-winning author of the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series. I have a B.A. in English and an MLS in Library Science.

My first novel, a paranormal romance, "Cloudy Rainbow" was written after my beloved cat, Floppy, died from diabetic and liver complications. The book was dedicated to him, and he is featured as a character in it. Cloudy Rainbow was recently reprinted by my publisher with fresh edits, a new cover, and a few updates.

My second novel, the first book of the Cobble Cove mystery series, "A Stone's Throw," is the story of a widowed librarian who visits her husband's hometown and finds a new love with the town's newspaper publisher but also discovers some alarming truths about her husband's death and its connection to the publisher and his family. Along with a variety of characters, there is also a cat and dog who play minor but interesting roles in the novel. The other books in my Cobble Cove series include "Between a Rock and a Hard Place," "Written in Stone," and the forthcoming "Love on the Rocks." I've also published a romantic comedy novella, "When Jack Trumps Ace" and a standalone mystery, "Reason to Die."

I'm a member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters-in-Crime, the Cat Writer's Association, and Long Island Authors Group and have published articles in Cats Magazine and Catnip (Tufts University Veterinary Newsletter). I won the Glamour Puss special award from Hartz Corporation for my article, "Brushing your cat for bonding, beauty, and better health," (June, 2016). My short mystery, "Stitches in Time" was published in the Cat Crimes Through Time Anthology, (1999). I have also published several other short stories of various genres in Solstice anthologies. I live on Long Island with my husband, Anthony; daughter, Holly; and our cat, Stripey.

Author's Website

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Trisha McKee said...

I think this sounds like an exciting read! I love small town settings.

tisme143 said...

This sounds like a wonderful! read. I love what the story line is about and great cover on this book.

Marie Lavender said...

This book sounds awesome! :)

Cynthia said...

I really like the synopsis. A lot of action happenings to keep me keyed in.

Unknown said...

This is something I wanna read

tisme143 said...

This books sounds great, this would definitely put my emotions over board simply because it involves a baby.

tamra64 said...

I so wish my eyes were better i gave glaucoma in 1 and cataracts in the other and to read is almost inoossible and i end up with headaches. This book sounds like one id really enjoy. I really should try out audible books but i waa always told the more you read the smarter you get. 😁

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