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Book Review-Alien House-Owen Jones

Monday, January 7, 2019

This book starts out kinda slow--but then picks up speed pretty quickly. It is about a man totally down on his luck--an author who is totally blocked--his wife has been deported because he can't afford to support her and he is now down to sleeping on a beach. To say he is totally depressed is putting it mildly. Then he wakes up on the beach one day and a man is standing there. He is invited to stay at the man's house which turns out to be a mansion.

He really can't believe his good fortune and his inner voice who he calls Ralph--keeps telling him he has been abducted by Aliens. Now this man and the three women he lives with are absolutely perfect. He is starting to love his life again but still misses his wife terribly.

There is a lot of spirituality and talk about the political problems of the day which hit a chord with me and will probably with you as well--KARMA. The 4 people ultimately tell him their story and promise to get his wife and he back together--they also get him a job which ultimately reunites him with his three brothers--and wonder of wonder he starts writing again!

Will his wife be reunited with her husband as promised? What or who are these people? Read to the end and you will be pleasantly surprised.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

An old man is separated from his foreign wife because of a lack of money, and estranged from his family because of long-term absence, but some strange people bring them all back together

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Author Owen Jones, from Barry, South Wales, came to writing novels relatively recently, although he has been writing all his adult life. He has lived and worked in several countries and traveled in many, many more.

He speaks, or has spoken, seven languages fluently and is currently learning Thai, since he lives in Thailand with his Thai wife of ten years.

"It has never taken me long to learn a language," he says, "but Thai bears no relationship to any other language I have ever studied before."

When asked about his style of writing, he said, "I'm a Celt, and we are Romantic. I believe in reincarnation and lots more besides in that vein. Those beliefs, like 'Do unto another...', and 'What goes round comes around', Fate and Karma are central to my life, so they are reflected in my work'.

His first novel, 'Daddy's Hobby' from the series 'Behind The Smile: The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya' has been followed by four sequels, but his largest collection is 'The Megan Series', eighteen novellas on the psychic development of a young teenage girl, the subtitle of which, 'A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger and One Scary Mother!' sums them up nicely.
As Owen puts it:

'Born in the Land of Song, living in the Land of Smiles'.


Author's Website
Website (for Behind the Smile series)

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tisme143 said...

This books sounds intense, I enjoy reading about aliens and such , I'm sure I can
really enjoy this one, and love the cover.

Vickie said...

From reading this review this book sounds interesting. I mostly read autobiographies or biographies but this book sounds like interesting reading too.

Owen Jones said...

Hi Michele,
Thank you for reading my book and writing this review :-)
The kind words are a bonus!
Thanks again,

Owen Jones said...

Thanks, Michele,
You have a great blog!
All the best,

Unknown said...

This is something I would read

jean602 said...

Sounds intriguing can't wait to read this.

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