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What Will You Be Doing on 12/31/2018?

Monday, December 31, 2018

For me it will be just another Monday--just like all the other Mondays that came before and will come after. I will be going to one of my bookkeeping clients and working for approximately 4 hours. On my way home I will stop at the supermarket and get a couple of pears--I LOVE pears!! I will probably also pick up some Fancy Feast for Baby--I think she is getting tired of the brand I have in the apartment.

Now--I am thinking of driving down to Central Avenue to the Outback and picking up one of their Steak Salads as a special dinner for me--or if they happen to be still having that 4 course dinner--maybe I'll get that! Popeye's is now on Central Ave also--haven't had that in too long a time--maybe eat lunch there--or take some home with me. Of course whatever I bring home will have to be shared--she isn't going to let me get away with eating without first sniffing to decide if she NEEDS some.

Pic from the Outback Website

Probably spend some time on the computer catching up with the daily threads. Then if I am still awake-or wake up in time-I might turn on the TV and watch the ball drop in Times Square-and hug and kiss Baby HAPPY NEW YEARS. My friends will have already called or I will have called them way before midnight! The days when I used to actually go down to New York City are far behind me--yes been there done that--several times actually.

This might sound boring to all of you--but to me it will be the perfect ending of the old year and the beginning of the New Year. And before I forget--I really appreciate everyone who comes to Miki's Hope more then I can say!


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momo said...

(What Will You Be Doing on 12/31/2018?) I had to drive my husband early that morning to have his last carpal tunnel surgery done. We had to be there at 6:30am that morning. I had to take a nap that afternoon because I was really sleepy.

Sandy Klocinski said...

I was home with my fur baby. We were in bed at 10 PM. I was sound asleep...not sure about the furbaby though. I don't think he ever sleeps soundly

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