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Davidson’s Dessert Tea GA-1-US-Ends 12/19

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I know at least one friend who would swoon over these teas--the Tangerine Almond and the Caramel Peach sound heavenly. I have a feeling I would have to split the box up--maybe half and half--or maybe get one for myself as well. There is nothing like a soothing cup of tea after dinner or before bed time to make you feel totally relaxed.

Davidson's Tea Giveaway
DECEMBER 12-19, 2018
Open to US

Tea drinking is one of the most affordable ways to make yourself feel like you are in a great spa. Herbal teas have a pleasant aroma and a beautiful taste. To relax and to enjoy life for five minutes is what each one of us could do during the Holiday Season and take this practice beyond holidays.

Davidson's Organics is one of the products that you may want to keep if you get it as a gift. The variety of blends the company offers for tea fans is phenomenal! 

Knowing that we get clean tea from organic farms and inhaling a powerful aroma of each flavor makes us feel good and full of energy. It is a powerful practice, i.e., tea drinking, during the day. The aromas literally make our mood of the moment that we can take into our projects, errands, and businesses.

We would like you to be blessed with a rich collection of Davidson's Organics Dessert Teas. Eight varieties come in one beautiful box you can celebrate yourself and share with your guests for your high tea moments.

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Jackie said...

I like all kinds of tea, but I like to drink peppermint in the evening.
Thank you!

Mary said...

I like to serve Hibiscus iced tea in Summer.Carmel tea is nice in cold weather. White tea is my everyday favorite.

Lancon Carrie said...

I love the flowering teas That I bought. They taste wonderful but also look beautiful.

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