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Book Review-Desert Flowers-Paul Pen (author) Simon Bruni (Translator)

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Rose and Elmer have created a world all their own in the Mexican Desert with their family of daughters. One of the daughters died and was buried in the backyard. They had a tutor who came and taught three of the daughters--but only in English. Two of the girls were twins-identical in every way--one would hide while the other was learning. They were able to teach each other what they learned. The two older daughters were beginning to want to speak to other people. This was not allowed.

Then one day a boy showed up at their door with secrets of his own. Rose and Elmer finally allowed him to stay. What subsequently happened will make you want to cry--and might even make you a bit angry.

What Rose and Elmer do to keep their secret will shock you--the ending will make you beleive in the humanity of people again--almost.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Rose and Elmer have created an idyllic sanctuary for themselves and their five daughters in Mexico’s Baja California desert. Out there in the middle of nowhere, blissfully cut off from the burdens of modern society, they’re free to raise their beautiful family…and preserve its secret.

And they’re never giving it up.

Then a young hiker named Rick comes looking for a place to stay. It’s just for the night, he says—but long enough for Rose and Elmer to fear they’ve made a horrible mistake. As the stranger grows more intrusive and more suspicious, the couple know they must do what they can to protect themselves. What they don’t know is that Rick has a secret, too. Soon, home and family will prove to be as cold and dark as the desert nights. And even with so many places to run, there’s still no escape from the past that binds them.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Paul Pen is an Amazon top-3 best-selling author, as well as a journalist and scriptwriter. His novel 'The Light of the Fireflies' has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, and like his first novel 'El aviso' (The Warning), an American film adaptation is underway. Both have been translated to German and Italian. Following the digital publication of 'Trece Historias' (Thirteen Stories), a powerful collection of short tales, Pen returns in summer 2017 with the international release of a stunning new novel, 'Desert Flowers', bringing his unmistakable brand of literary suspense to readers around the globe.

Paul Pen's writing is a potent, deeply immersive experience for mind, heart and nerves. Prepare to be shocked, charmed, touched, horrified. Prepare for darkness and light. Love and terror. This is Pen's unique brand of suspense fiction, with echoes of Dahl, King and Hitchcock. His razor-sharp, irresistible storytelling is carefully and generously concocted to be enjoyed both by the masses and the more bookishly sophisticated.

Author's Website

About the Translator: (from Amazon)

Simon Bruni is a translator of fiction and non-fiction from Spanish, a language he acquired through 'total immersion' living in Alicante, Valencia and Santander. He studied Spanish and Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London and Literary Translation at the University of Exeter.

He has received three John Dryden awards: in 2017 and 2015 for Paul Pen's short stories "Cinnamon" and "The Porcelain Boy", and in 2011 for Francisco PĂ©rez Gandul's novel Cell 211. His translation of Paul Pen's novel The Light of the Fireflies has sold over a hundred thousand copies worldwide.

Simon serves on the executive committee of the Society of Authors' Translators Association (TA) and he is a member of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA).

Translator's Website

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