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Book Review-Brennus (Immortal Highlander, Clan Skaraven Book 1): A Scottish Time Travel Romance-Hazel Hunter

Friday, November 2, 2018

Truly unlike any time travel book I've ever read. Althea is grabbed by something and dragged down-way down into the earth. When she becomes aware again--she is in ancient Scotland with all the attendant magic and druids. She ultimately finds out that she has some magic within her as well!

Brennus--who is now an immortal along with his entire clan but is only now knowing true freedom. He and his clan were slaves. They have also acquired some strange powers--they were taught that they were never to go near a woman or they would hurt them--

Can Althea convince Brennus that he won't hurt her--can they save the other 3 woman who were taken at the same time Althea was?

Obviously this is mostly fantasy but truly a read that you may enjoy!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

An ancient highlander who’s never been allowed to love. A modern woman who keeps men at arm’s length. Can their passion overcome their pasts?Althea Jarden’s botanical fieldwork keeps her happily busy, but it has kept her from relationships as well—by design. Because deep passions can overwhelm her, she concluded long ago that a conventional life was not for her. She’s learned to depend on herself. But all the self-reliance in the world can’t prepare her for being taken to ancient Scotland and what she finds there.Chieftain Brennus Skaraven would like nothing better than to remain dead, his legendary clan buried and forgotten. Anything would be preferable to suffering the manipulations of the druids. But when a strange lass comes crashing into his life, he discovers more than a reason to live. He finds the one thing that had always been denied to him and his kind—love.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Hazel and her husband stopped being separate people years ago. They live their happy life in the always crowded, mostly sunny, and sometimes sweltering city of LA.

When you can pull Hazel's fingers from the laptop, you'll find her: on the elliptical watching a documentary, indulging her audiobook habit, or spending quality time with Candy Crush. Although she's vegan, she's a disaster in the kitchen. Luckily potato chips and pinot noir come ready-made.

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