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Book Review - Eleos- D.R. Bell

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I have read most if not all of D.R. Bell's novels--loved all of them. I was so glad when I saw he came out with another one. I didn't realize it was about genocide and the Eichmann trials. This is historical fiction so not everything is exact. At the back of the book the author will clue you in to what really happened and the major players.

It makes comparisons between the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust and the human reactions of the survivors. It also mentions the Cambodian Genocide.

If you have ever met a Holocaust survivor, which I have, you will recognize the anger and guilt they carry with them.

As I was reading this book 11 people were murdered in Pittsburgh Synagogue by, I guess you would call him, a white supremacist.

The author also mentions that a lot of millennials and younger do not even beleive the Holocaust occurred--

I leave you with this thought---

Unless we remember--then history is bound to repeat itself.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

The discovery of a valise of old letters written to his Armenian grandfather from an Auschwitz survivor starts Avi Arutiyan on an odyssey to uncover the mystery surrounding his grandfather’s unsolved death. From the killing fields of Anatolia to the trial of Adolf Eichmann, Avi’s quest opens a door into intersecting paths and dark secrets of three families, stretching back to 1915.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

I didn't plan to become a writer. A few years ago, a friend's death prompted me to ask what would be the one thing I regret not doing. I've always been an avid reader but have not had the courage to write. And I made a New Year resolution to write a book. That's how The Great Game came about. I try to write about serious topics but wrap them into an action-filled story. While all my books are entirely fictional, each of them carries a Commentary how the fiction is rooted in facts and realities of current events.

The first three books - The Metronome, The Great Game, and The Outer Circle - form a trilogy, where the lives the seemingly unconnected characters intersect against the backdrop of a turbulent power game between United States, China, and Russia. Unfortunately, some of the events described there are now happening in real life.

Marshland is a detective story set in modern Los Angeles, focused on the impact that internet and social media can have on our lives and their potential for unscrupulous abuse by those in power.

The latest project, Eleos, is a historic fiction set primarily during the time of the Eichmann's trial. In a way, it's a personal investigation into how events like the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide become possible.

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