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Book Review-Written for Murder: A Contemporary Cozy Mystery-Raven Snow

Sunday, September 23, 2018

I was very surprised when I realized that this novel by Raven Snow did not have Witches or anything to do with Witchcraft or magic in it! Like all her other other novels it takes place in a small town where everyone knows everything about everybody--Datesville.

Ida is a member of a backgammon club with several other people. Her best friend Elizabeth, also a member, after a big winning streak, goes home and commits suicide. Ida is not convinced it was suicide and goes about trying to get to the bottom of it. Then another member of the group's car is found burning at the bottom of the quarry--he died. Something is happening in the small town--but who or what is causing this? Ida has a Thai boyfriend who you are going to love--poor man is ALWAYS hungry and looking to go get food--He stands by Ida and tries to help solve the mysterious deaths of two of their friends. Many secrets are revealed about the people in Datesville--and past problems are resolved as well. Of course Ida's black cat-Persimmon-is master of his universe--and will not change!!

I truly enjoyed reading this contemporary cozy and think you will too.

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

There is trouble in Datesville. When Elizabeth, a regular member of the town’s backgammon club commits suicide, the town is upended. Elizabeth’s best friend and fellow club member is wracked with grief. Sadness turns to anger when she uncovers that Elizabeth was being blackmailed. Rather than face the blackmailer Elizabeth stepped off the backgammon board. Ida is forced to roll the dice, trying her luck at beating the mysterious blackmailer at their own game. Aided by her love interest Komawuut a Thai man, the two uncover the secrets that lay hidden in the small town, from the truth of Elizabeth’s family to the strain on fellow backgammon club member, John’s marriage. Secrets will be revealed. The dice will be rolled and words said that are said can’t be unsaid.

Approx. 50,000 words in length. It is a standalone (reading prior or future volumes not required to enjoy the book, no cliffhanger). Themes include: backgammon, small town, emails, blackmail

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About the Author; (from Amazon)

Raven Snow lives in the Pacific Northwest & enjoys writing Witch Cozy Mysteries.

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