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Book Review-Through the Fire A Traditional Regency Romance (A Series of Elements Book 1)- Elizabeth Johns

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

This is truly a traditional Regency Romance as are the next two in the series--yup--I have already bought and read all 3 in this series I loved this one so much! I will be reviewing the next two over the next couple of weeks. The only thing that confounded me was that the Preface is almost exactly the same in each--as are the first chapters. But once you get past that the story lines are not similar at all. Unlike the three woman who are identical triplets.

Margaux wants to join a nunnery--she really does not wish to marry. Of cour5se her parents will have none of it but they do concede to let her go to their Scottish retreat--where they hope she will become bored------She meets up with Gavin there-an MD--but has recently been informed that he is now a peer of the realm. He adopts three orphans. He wants to get married about as much as Margaux--but begins to realize he really has no choice.

The country folk don't take to Margaux--until that fateful day when fires break out--then the culprit is drawn out. You will not believe who it is!!

If you enjoy Regency Romances--you will love the novels of Elizabeth Johns.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

When two people have walked through fire, can love bring the healing and help they need?

Spurned by love, Lady Margaux Winslow, daughter of the Marquess of Ashbury, has no use for the other eligible gentlemen of London. Despite her beauty, her sharp tongue soon earns her a reputation as a dragon. Convincing her parents to let her retreat to their Scottish estate, a home for abandoned young women, Margaux feels she can do something meaningful with her life. At their wits' end, her parents believe a few months in seclusion will teach her to appreciate her privileged existence, and accept the next gentleman of worth who offers for her. Margaux has no plans to yield. But neither she nor her parents bargain for the proximity of the gorgeous, blue-eyed Scotsman on the neighboring estate.

Gavin Craig, content with his life as a country doctor, is unexpectedly thrust into the world of aristocratic society after the accidental deaths of his brother and nephews. With all the duties his new title entails, and his adoption of three orphans, Gavin desperately needs a wife. She should preferably a lady, trained since birth to manage a noble house, servants and family. His former disdain for a marriage of convenience has been rapidly overcome by the colossal task of learning to run a large Scottish barony. One lovely candidate is right next door … except that she's inexplicably determined to be a spinster…

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

National bestselling author Elizabeth Johns was first an avid reader, though she was a reluctant convert. It was Jane Austen's clever wit and unique turn of phrase that hooked Johns when she was "forced" to read Pride and Prejudice for a school assignment. She began writing when she ran out of her favorite author's books and decided to try her hand at crafting a Regency romance novel. Her journey into publishing began with the release of Surrender the Past, book one of the Loring-Abbott Series. Johns makes no pretensions to Austen's wit but hopes readers will perhaps laugh and find some enjoyment in her writing.

Johns attributes much of her inspiration to her mother, a retired English teacher. During their last summer together, Johns would sit on the porch swing and read her stories to her mother, who encouraged her to continue writing. Busy with multiple careers, including a professional job in the medical field, author and mother of small children, Johns squeezes in time for reading whenever possible.

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Buzz4Mommies said...

this sounds like a very interesting read, it would be neat to see how the road of triplets differs from each other!

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