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$25 GC of Choice/PP-Tiger Butter-HueTrition's New HueApproved Product-1-US-Ends 10/5

Thursday, September 20, 2018

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HueTrition’s HueTube Channel is a wealth of FREE health tips and advice. They have several series to help you make better food choices for you and your family. Previous themes include filling your plate with color, taste the colors of the world and even recipes! (Make sure you click here to subscribe!)

I honestly don't remember many if any kids allergic to nut back when I was young. I'm sure there must have been---but from what I've heard and read that is one allergy you do not want to play with! Unfortunately lots of kids love peanut butter--with jelly, cream cheese or even butter! Now that this allergy is prevalent it is not longer allowed as a school lunch. I was happy to hear that a replacement has come along and that it is totally nut free--it is Tiger Butter-HueTrition's New HueApproved Product. From what they are saying it has the texture of peanut butter and the taste as well. Tiger butter is not made from nuts at all--it is made from a root veggie (just don't tell the kids!!)

If your kid is allergic to peanut butter or is one of those who want it for lunch but are not allowed to bring it to school--then I highly suggest you try this product!!


HueTrition has added Tiger Butter to it's list of HueApproved foods!

Criteria for HueApproved:

  • Real food
  • As wholesome as possible
  • Pronounceable ingredients, fewer the better
  • Color-packed fuel to color your world
Watch this video for more information and some snack hacks!

It is hard to prepare snacks and lunches these days for our kids with so many of their friends at school that have nut allergies. My kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and crackers with peanut butter for snacks, but they can not bring it to school. Finding an alternative that tastes and has the same texture as peanut butter has been difficult.

Tiger Butter is going to be able to replace nut butters. Kids will be able to bring sandwiches and snacks to school that contain Tiger Butter. It is made of tiger nuts - and it's completely allergy free! It's a root vegetable from Africa.

It only has 3 ingredients: tiger nuts, coconut oil, and pink Himalayan salt. They even have a chocolate Tiger Butter!


Tiger Butter is the No Nut Butter that everyone is talking about! You can find yours at HueApproved.com and use this code to receive 15% of your ENTIRE ORDER! Use Code 'HUETRITION15'


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HueTrition's New HueApproved Product

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