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Book Review-Invasion: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel (Sympatico Syndrome Book 3)-M.P. McDonald

Monday, August 20, 2018

Life on a small island in Wisconsin is harsh. Having lived in Wisconsin for a year on a college campus I can attest to that! So much happens to this family and the people who have joined them so far. But Cole Evans is still hoping they can move somewhere warmer-with a less harsh environment--and meet others who have also survived the deadly virus. They begin to see people traveling through--also headed "south". They allow two of them to stay with them--

The Hoover Dam is their destination--will they make it--what will happen along the way--is this the new beginning for civilization--or the end?

I definitely enjoyed this series!! You can read my reviews of the first two books by clicking the links under about the Author section below.

About the Book:(from Amazon)

Plunged into a free for all lifestyle with survival of the fittest the only law, it would be easy for Cole Evans and his family to remain in short-term survival mode, living in the moment. But, Cole refuses to lose his conscience—his humanity—and won't stop fighting for a better future.

After surviving a harsh Wisconsin winter only months after a lethal virus wiped out most of the population, strangers arrive from the East. They bring news that pushes them to leave the island and Cole leads his family on a dangerous, but necessary trek across the country to a new home and hopes of a permanent settlement. Their destination: Nevada and the Hoover Dam.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

M.P. McDonald lives in southeastern Wisconsin. When not writing, favorite pastimes are watching baseball and football.

Always fascinated with post-apocalyptic books and movies, M.P. took the plunge last year and published the Sympatico Syndrome Series. Two books of the planned trilogy are now available.

Infection:Book One (read my review here)

Isolation: Book Two (read my review here)

Invasion: Book Three

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