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Copy of Little Green (English or Spanish) eBook or print + $25 Gift Card - Winner's Choice-1-US-Ends 8/5

Monday, July 23, 2018

This information is brought to you by the author of Little Green. All opinions are my own.

I want everyone to love reading--especially the young! I want them to be readers for the rest of their lives-but you probably already know that about me! It is also a really good idea to start them young on a second language. Whether you are an English speaker or a Spanish speaker your child can learn the other language as well as some lessons that will help them through life! Being the best you can be is a very important lesson to all--young and old!

Stories are a big part of growing up. It's a great way spend time with your kids and teaching them how to read and to look at pictures and try to use their imagination to figure out what is going on in a story or to create your own endings.

Stories are also a great way to teach your kids a lesson. It can teach them about sharing, about colors or shapes, and even about going to the bathroom.

Little Green is a book you need to add to your collection. It's a wonderful story about being the best "you" you can be!

Little green

About Little Green:

Little Green Frog sees other animals, with their special skills, and hops after them asking “Isn’t it possible?” he can be a goose, horse or koi. On his quest for a way to be special, he learns that ALMOST anything is possible.
Little Green introduces young readers to animal groups, traits and skills while he learns a valuable lesson. Little Green gives children self-confidence and shows them that it is OK to accept everyone, even if someone does not look like them or act like them. This is a beautiful story that all children will love!

This story has beautiful illustrations, fun rhyming, and lessons about self-esteem. One of the lines in the store story is: “Believe in yourself,” The Great Goose said. “Anything is possible if it’s in your head.” Yes, it’s true the frog couldn’t fly like the geese, but he could be the best frog he could be.

This story is available in English and Spanish. It's an easy story so if you want to expose your kids to Spanish - children's storybooks are a great way to do that.

Order the book or read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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