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Book Review-The Misplaced Mob-John Rose Putnam

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

This is not like some of the other books I have read by this author. While most of his are history based--this is a clean murder mystery which kept me reading! There are plenty of twists and turns and the ending--well I did not guess it.

Roy Martin is the new sheriff in town. He did grow up there but then moved on out and became a detective in NYC. The sheriff who had asked him to help him was dead --and Roy's father who was sheriff before him was also dead. Natural causes or murder? And it seems that the young girl found dead in the swimming hole well she wasn't the first! Cover ups and murder--and why was the NYC Mob members in this tiny little town?

You will have to read this book to find out!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

When a young girl is found dead of a botched abortion in the swimming hole of a small, rural amusement park Roy Martin, the new Sheriff of Laurel County, takes it in stride. But the next day, after barely escaping death when someone fires four rounds of buckshot into his oncoming patrol car, Roy realizes this case is not only dangerous, it’s personal.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

John came west as a young man and settled in Berkeley where he graduated from the University of California. He still lives and writes there and often gives a talk on the California gold rush to the gang at the Freight and Salvage.

He spent a lot of time digging into that gold rush too and many of his stories take place back then. John's characters are so real they'll jump right off the page and talk to you; his villains have hearts as cold as midnight and his heroes almost always do the right thing in the end.

He's working up quite a reputation for his knowledge of that era too. His blog, My Gold Rush Tales, attracted the interest of some TV folks and he appeared in a segment for the Travel Channel about Henry Meiggs, the man who built San Francisco's famous Fisherman's Wharf.

While his first novel, Hangtown Creek, a story of adventure, romance, and coming of age in the early days of the gold rush, was published in 2011, his brand new book, Into the Face of the Devil, moves between Hangtown and the sawmill where James Marshall first found gold, and pits a young man in love for the first time against a killer so evil he could pass for Satan.

Author's Website

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Debbie Yoder said...

Sounds interesting,love murder mysterys!

tat2gurlzrock said...

Sounds like a book I could really get into!

Unknown said...

There's nothing like a murder mystery to keep a reader guessing!

freddie said...

Sounds like a really interesting book and one I would love reading.

Granmama15 said...

These are the types of books that I love to read! Mysteries, suspenseful, who done it! I’m glad there isn’t any characters like the paranormal or Satan involved! I’m totally interested in this story! TY for sharing!

clc408 said...

Mysteries are my favorite genre. I think I would enjoy this one.

Natalie said...

I am always looking for a good mystery book!

Maryann D. said...

Sounds like a terrific book to read. I enjoy reading over the summer and relaxing.
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Anonymous said...

I love the cover on this book. It's one of the most unique and realistic that I've ever seen Rosanne

Betty C said...

This is definitely my kind of book to read. It's going on my Goodreads TBR list soon.

Rachel B said...

The cover is definitely interesting. Looks like its gonna be a good book to read.

Buddy Garrett said...

It sounds like an interesting read. I love surprising endings.

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