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Stewed Prunes & Apricots--A Failure

Saturday, June 9, 2018

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You may have seen a post about me possibly making stewed prune and apricots. Well I bought the prunes and apricots from Trader Joe's as I said I probably would. Today, Friday, I decided to attempt to make it----I threw the bag of prunes and the bag of apricots in a pot and covered them with water--added some lemon and cinnamon powder (didn't have cinnamon sticks). Brought everything to a boil-lowered the heat to allow to simmer.

Sounds good so far-right? Well it would have been if I hadn't fallen asleep. I woke up just in time to turn it off and stop the pot itself from burning!! Whew---- Usually my cat informs me very loudly if something is wrong in the kitchen--she also was sound asleep--

Well-I did save it-kind of--a lot of it looks more like prune butter--and it does taste good--NOW I have to figure out what I can concoct to use it all up.

I do love Yogurt and always loved Prune Whip on the bottom that you had to stir up--But whole milk yogurt makes my blood sugar go way up--maybe I can find this in the stores or order it online Almond Dream Plain Non Dairy Yogurt . I'll just stir some into the plain almond milk yogurt--- or

how about mini fillo shells that already come pre-baked! - just fill them up and add some whipped cream which I always have in the house anyway!!

Hum--another thought--make some bow tie noodle--add butter--add some of the mixture--I probably would like it.

Do you have any other suggestions for me? I have about 2 pounds of the stuff-and my cat does not like it!!

Please put your suggestions in the comment box below--just one thing--I refuse to throw it out!!

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LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you woke up in time to prevent a house fire.
After my first son was born and I was very sleep deprived. I placed a bottle in a pan of water to heat (back in the day). I sat down in a chair at the table holding my son waiting for the bottle to heat. I awoke to a kitchen full of rolling black smoke and a really awful smell. The water had boiled away and the plastic bottle had melted and the milk was burning in with the plastic bottle. I had to toss the whole mess out and start over. I learned not to sit down while waiting for a bottle to heat in the middle of the hight again.
Have a great week and I'll see you on Facebook.

Gladys Parker said...

I, too am very glad it did not burn. The mini fillo shells sound like a great idea! Maybe over biscuits like a sweet fruit gravy or see if you can freeze it as eating to much at once wouldn't be nice on your stomach.

Chelsea said...

Omg! Thank God that you woke up. Its scary to think about what could've happened.

rochelle said...

Sounds scary do not like prums

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