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Book Review-Meowmoirs of a Klepto Cat (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 29)-Patricia Fry

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Just as I was about to start writing up the review on this charming book--my cat decided that my asthma inhaler belonged way back behind my desk--never mind I have a bad leg lately--I had to get down on my hands and knees and stretch to get it--I got it--but needless to say I needed quite a few puffs after that ordeal. My cat wanted me off the computer and I wasn't paying attention! Yes, cats are smart and know just how to get you to do their bidding one way or another. Unlike Rags my cat is very vocal and meows her needs--or like Rags--things go flying!!

Since Rags can not speak this book was written by his slave and companion. It takes you through when she first adopted him--to pretty much the current time. I have read every single one of the Klepto Mysteries to date (I don't think I missed any). This memoir brought back many memories of those books and I found myself shaking my head in agreement.

I would like to add one more thing about Baby-my cat--she definitely know who she likes and who she does not like. An old boyfriend showed up and she went into hiding in my closet (of course he did threaten to throw her out the 7th floor window!). I was in the living room but came back into my bedroom for a moment. As I was about to walk out the door again she struck her head out and was whisper meowing to me. She was trying to convince me he was no good and to get rid of him--I am positive of that. Well she was right he was up to no good and has never returned!! On the other hand there are people she really likes--if they don't come right over to pet her hello--a very loud indignant MEOW is issued. They get the message!!

Whether you have a cat or not you will love this series and this memoir is not to be missed!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

This is the life story of Rags, the amazing, precocious cat who stars in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. Read about his precarious kittenhood. Marvel at some of his intriguing and touching teenage escapades. And delight in revisiting many of his more recent adventures. Rags is a cat with a purpose. While some people believe it’s to cause chaos, others see this feline as a knight in furry armor. If we could get into Rags’s head, however, we’d probably see that it’s filled with butterflies and trinkets. Yes, he marches along in life to the beat of a different drummer and leaves behind an assortment of reactions. Is Rags clever or na├»ve, intuitive or fluky, smart or lucky? And does it really matter? One thing’s for sure, he makes an impression wherever he goes and that’s just the way his fans like it

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About the Author: (from Amazon)(picture from her website)

There is a comprehensive biography of Patricia Fry which can be viewed here. This is one interesting woman! She also writes an amazing blog all about cats!


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