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Just some Miscellaneous Musings from Miki

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

This has been a rough few months for me-which I have been ignoring as much as possible-I just keep on truckin'.

My Mom is still in great shape-considering she will be 96 in November-but I am beginning to notice her memory slipping. She has been arguing with me until I give in that she is probably right (even though I know she isn't!). She complains when I don't have a bookkeeping client--then gets snippy if I do because she wants me to take her some place. Yes, she still lives by herself in her apartment. Hey Mom--I am semi retired--give me a break.

Just yesterday I had to drive her into NYC where one of her cousins was staying. Her cousin was in to see both her grandsons graduate college--how could I refuse considering it was more then likely the absolute last time either would see the other. Her cousin lives in Boston. Three hours of non stop stop and go traffic to get her there and get back to my apartment where I collapsed. Thankfully I had told her that it would take at least 1 1/2 hours to drive to where she needed to go--Madison and 36th. I did make it but I lost my voice as I always do when I go anywhere near the city--which she didn't believe until I spoke to her--and one of my tires was bald!

Today I will drive up to my friendly neighborhood garage -literally just around the corner and get two new tires. My car needs to be inspected by 5/31--so they will do that also. I just hope that they don't find anything else. He ordered the tires for me yesterday warning me I should not drive on highways--I didn't tell him where I was going yesterday--

And there is something very wrong with my legs. It is very painful to either sit down or stand up-I have a decided limp. And I keep on truckin'.

Then of course there are all those new rules that bloggers have to follow by 5/25. I THINK the privacy etc statements are now all on my blog!

My Alexa score I have been attempting to ignore altogether--it keeps going in the wrong direction. Thankfully I mostly do Book Reviews and help others with giveaways-very few if any products-but it really makes no sense to me. My other numbers seem okay.

My sweet little cat baby--well she really does not want me on the computer at all anymore-she sabotages me every chance she gets. Right now her paw is resting on the keyboard--if I don't get up pretty soon her body will be obstructing my view of the monitor. THEN she will start scratching the monitor and trying to push it over. It is not quite midnight so I better go get her breakfast. She is the perfect alarm clock!

When I get home from the mechanic today--I really have to catch up reading and writing up reviews. I TRY to stay a day or so ahead of myself!

And I keep on truckin'

See you on the internet-----------

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Gladys Parker said...

Awe, I hope your mom's memory slippage is a temporary thing, although, at 96 it is really a wondrous fact that she is still with you - even if she does make you drive to NYC. I would never. I didn't realize you were so close to the city. It seems as though truckin' is what you keep on doing hopefully straight into your nineties. Your kitty cat just wants your attention and obviously can tell what time it is.

Buzz4Mommies said...

So sorry to hear about your mom, it is hard to watch our parents age. Hope your legs feel better, that has got to be irritating. Your cat sounds like mine, so cute but wants tons of attention!! Thanks for bringing up the blogging change, i really need to check that out more carefully!!

Edna Williams said...

Just hope there are easier times ahead for you. Sometimes things can feel like they are snowballing out of control. At least that's how I feel sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

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