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Book Review-The Devil May Care (Rogues and Gentlemen Book 4)-Emma V Leech

Monday, March 19, 2018

Women were no more then property back when and any man could beat, bully or terrorize any woman under their protection. Millie Sparrow is living with an extremely abusive relative--with only her maid and friend for comfort. She is totally cowed and miserable-there is no way out for her or so she thinks.

Then the fateful day when, totally miserable, she happens upon Beau, the Marquis of Beaumont. Beau is getting ready to leave for France in disgrace. You may remember him from the novel Scandal's Daughter (see my review here) They strike up a friendship and agree to correspond via letters.

Beau's father dies and suddenly he is a Duke and is able to return to England. Taking pity on Millie, he offers her marriage in name only. She accepts and that is where the fun begins! You see Millie has an astonishingly brilliant mind.

I truly LOVED this book and am looking forward to reading more in this series!!

I received an ebook copy of this book for enjoyment and possible review.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Dishonoured and ashamed, the ton's scandalous darling, 'Beau' the Marquis of Beaumont, is forced to flee England to escape debtor's prison.
After a chance encounter, it appears Miss Millicent Sparrow is his only remaining friend, however unlikely.

Miss Sparrow lives up to her name. Damaged and terrified by her cousin's violent abuse, Milly is used to being overlooked and prefers it that way, until the desperation of her bleak world is gilded by rakishly handsome Beau's extraordinary friendship.

Miss Sparrow’s lively letters help Beau through his banishment and when his father dies suddenly and Beau inherits the Dukedom, he seeks out his little bird. To his shock he finds a woman in despair and, moved by pity, he offers her the protection of his name by marriage.

But Milly becomes impossible to overlook, and the more Beau needs his wife, the less interested she seems in her gorgeous husband.

For this rake, getting a woman's attention has never been so complicated.

I received this E-Book from the author for enjoyment purposes and a possible review.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Emma V Leech is the award-winning author of four series with many more to come!

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THE FRENCH VAMPIRE LEGEND: This is a dramatic and heart-wrenching story of courage and sacrifice and a love that nothing ... not even time, can tear apart.

THE FRENCH FAE LEGEND: With close to sixteen million online reads to date the award-winning Dark Series is one of Emma's most successful works. An epic saga set between modern-day France and the Fae Lands - a historic version of our own world, where only love is more powerful than magic.

ROGUES AND GENTLEMEN: Sexy, tumultuous and desperately romantic, Rogues and Gentlemen will have you wishing for your own pirate, smuggler, Earl or Duke to carry you off into the past.

THE REGENCY ROMANCE MYSTERIES: If you prefer your Regency Romance with a little dash of mystery and murder, these are the books for you. Dashing heroes and wicked villains abound, and of course, a plucky heroine who won't sit about looking ornamental until she's rescued

As an accomplished romance author, Emma won the world’s largest online writing competition ‘The Wattys’ two years running, first with The Darkest Night, and then with her short story, A Dark Imperfection, A Les Fées Novella. Her third published novel, The Dark Prince has been touted as one of The Top 50 Self Published Books Worth Reading in 2015 and is #2 on the list of the Top 50 Indie Books in 2015 as well as being hailed as "An enchanting fantasy with a likeable heroine, romantic intrigue, and clever narrative flourishes." by Kirkus Reviews.

Emma's novels have garnered attention worldwide, and fans who continue to clamor for more through email, Facebook, and Twitter.
When she's not writing she strives to live as far from the real world as possible. but otherwise, she can be found in Darkest Dordogne, South West France with her husband, three children, assorted cats and a wild imagination

Author's Website

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Gladys Parker said...

I would have never even gave this book a thought by it's name but, after reading your review it is on my list which is getting shorter each week. I survived winter through my SAD issues by reading your reviews and picking books from here and your Thursday list. Quite often I ended up reading a second or third one in the sets. I am now looking for American Palace Divided Heart and not at $25. Remember me telling you in the fall I wouldn't read ebooks. Haha Thank-you for your blog and reviews. I will be reading this soon it sounds charming and clever on Millie's part.

lissa said...

I saw this book before when I was browsing for covers for a blog post. this is one of the books that I have found used the same image as two other books, well, three if you count the one with the same couple but different pose. I can't help but wonder if the author knows this.

I have the covers shown in a post here: judge books...

have a lovely day.

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