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Book Review-Saving the Princess-Helena Newberry

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Don't let the cover fool you--after a slow start this book actually kept me awake and reading late into the night. There is non stop action and a possibly doomed love between a big lug of a Texan and the princess of a little European country.

She has been visiting the United States and it all starts as she is in first class sleeping and he (looking for a restroom) spots her and is enthralled. Then the unthinkable happens and some thugs try to murder her--our hero of course stops them--but they ignite a bomb--the hole in the plane is pulling everyone and thing out--------this is when it starts really moving along! But can he ultimately save the princess? Yes, they do fall in love--but will it be a happily after after?

There are several main characters in this novel-all of them unique and well described. Which one of them is the traitor who is telling the murderers where they are--It takes ingenuity and many false guesses to find out.

If you like non stop action with a bit of romance and flawed personalities thrown in with a bit of political intrigue-you will love this book.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

At thirty thousand feet, assassins invade the first class cabin and put a knife to my throat. Then one of the passengers hurls them aside like they're nothing. The gorgeous, gruff giant who saves me is Garrett Buchanan, a former Marine. When we uncover a conspiracy to murder me, he becomes the only one I can trust. To stay alive, we must go on the run together.

He's nothing like the men back home. He's as big and rugged as the Texas landscape. He might call me "Your Highness" but those blue eyes burn the clothes right off my body. I have to swap my dress and tiara for jeans and a plaid shirt and he shows me an America full of horses and sunsets and kisses in the rain. But the conspiracy goes further than we dreamed. To save my country, I must return home and take the throne long before I'm ready. And to protect me, Garrett must put on a suit and become a palace guard, forbidden to touch me, let alone kiss me.

I know we can't be together. I know princesses don't get to fall in love. So what do I do? Because I've completely fallen for this man.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

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Gladys Parker said...

Awe, they had better let them be together in the long run! This sounds so interesting and mystery filled. I hope it is a happily ever after!

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