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Teletubbies DVD and 6" Super Soft Plush Character Set GA-2 Winners-US-Ends 12/18

Thursday, December 7, 2017

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Just in time for holiday gift giving, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will have your children dashing through the shows as they sing, dance and hug their new toys! TELETUBBIES: SILLY FUN and TELETUBBIES: LET'S SING & DANCE was released on DVD with special on-pack premium plush characters December 5th!

About Teletubbies

Originally created in 1997, Teletubbies is one of the most successful global children’s brands of all-time. Targeted at young pre-school viewers, it has reached over 1 billion children to date. The original episodes have aired in over 120 territories in 45 different languages.

Debuting on Nick Jr. in May 2016, the new Teletubbies series (60 x 12 min. episodes) stays true to the original series but is designed to captivate today’s digital toddlers with updated elements and visual CGI-enhancements. The characters now have Touch-Screen Tummies and high-tech gadgets like the Tubby Phone smartphone, introducing a contemporary twist for a new generation of pre-schoolers. The multi award-winning Teletubbies encourages young children to watch television creatively, providing a safe and beneficial viewing experience.


Bring home the wonder and magic of the Teletubbies with Po, Laa-Laa, Tinky Winky and Dipsy as they help your children develop their physical, emotional, and cogitative skills in a warm, loving and playful environment. Each of the two sets feature six all-new episodes from the series that kids and parents can enjoy together. The DVDs encourage early social skills (including taking turns, sharing and patience), physical activity and coordination, exploration of music and rhythm, discovery and imaginative play, and color recognition. To bring the experience to life, and to help kids act out their favorite scenes, the included plush premium is perfect for playtime, naptime and bedtime!


Let's take a look at the fun new Teletubbies Sets!



Plush Included: Po



Plush Included: Laa-Laa


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Teletubbies DVD and 6" Super Soft Plush Character Set!

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Sara said...

My child's hearing is so valuable. My youngest failed his hearing test in one ear when he was born. We retested 2 days later and he passed but I remember being terrified when he failed.

Wendy Caddy said...

My children's hearing is very important.

Anonymous said...

Vera Wilson said

Very important. Poor hearing, can lead to poor grades at school.

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Cassie Hayes said...

My child's hearing is very important. She failed four hearing tests. She is nonverbal. I had to go to three ent drs before finding a competent one who put in ear tubes in both ears. Now we are starting to make sounds and less sensitive to crowded areas.

sylvia said...

my child's hearing is very important. I am blessed to have two children with good hearing.

Jackie said...

Their hearing is very valuable. I am so lucky neither has a problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow... weird question. My son went to speech and hearing when he was 18 months cause he said "nothing".... turned out it was me doing everything for him so he didn't have to speak. What a lesson that was. He's 39 now with his own kids and never did have a hearing issue. Hearing no matter who it is, is valuable. prizewinner *at hotmail* dot com

Granmama15 said...

I guess I don’t quite understand what answer you are looking for, because I can’t see anyone saying that hearing is not important!! God wouldn’t have included hearing as one of the 5 senses.

kellyr78 said...

Their hearing is very valuable. We are lucky that they have good hearing.

Unknown said...

My child's hearing is incredibly important

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