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Stay in the Digital Loop with the Help of A Parental App – Tech Safety and Kids

Monday, December 11, 2017

Tech is a core part of our daily lives. Smartphones, laptops, tabs, iPods and many other different gadgets go side by side with us. Even the toys they make nowadays can be connected to the internet and facilitate a cloud for storing. Kids are also pros with all these devices and get used to them very early in life. In fact, not having them is a big deal for them.

However, this technology also has a not-so-safe side. The internet presents many dangers like porn, child predation, and privacy breaches. Teens and even pre-teens face bullying on social networks and through texts and calls as well. Sexting is another trend that many teens follow without knowing the consequences. These photos hardly ever stay on the receiver’s phone, they travel ahead. It is also a form of child pornography and has legal penalties for both elders and kids.

Other than such dangers, kids become digital junkies, unable to let go of their devices. It disturbs their sleep, mental and physical fitness, academics and overall quality of life. This addiction works the same as drug addiction and is even more difficult to counter as digital devices are very hard to ignore.

Staying in the loop

It is vital for parents to know about their kid’s digital activity. How much screen time they have? What kind of apps do they use? What do they see on the internet? Who are their online friends? Are they sexting? Are they oversharing on social sites?

Before monitoring, it is important that you tell them about the rights and wrongs and establish some rules. After that, check if they follow the rules. Sometimes kids get into trouble by their peers or they are pressured to carry out hazardous actions. Kids have a difficult time talking about these things, so keeping a check on them also helps you figure such things out.

A Parental App for Monitoring

Using a parental app like FamilyTime is the most recommended way to monitor kids online. It is not only easy but also very effective as it allows you to remotely keep an eye on different things and restrict where needed.

Take a look at FamilyTime app features:

 Mobile app viewer and blocker.
 Mobile app daily usage limit.
 Screen #me limits.
 Internet browser monitoring and iTunes )filtering
 Call history, text messages and contact monitoring
 Contacts Watchlist alerts
 Family watch with location history
 Geofence places and alerts
 Panic bu7on
 Driving safety limits

Try out all these features with a free trial. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Be Informed

Just like you want to know your kids’ school activities and where they go outside, digital monitoring with a parental app allows you to know all that they do digitally or virtually. Because even if it is virtual, it can have very real outcomes. So, stay in the loop and safeguard your kids from cyber crimes and addiction.

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Gladys Parker said...

Family Time seems to have all the things under control that we as parents and grandparents should have an eye on, although I for one wouldn't know where to start on my own. The internet is like a big black hole with a million paths and to children they all have a green light when many should have a red light and padlock!

Jacqui Odell said...

This could help a lot. I am always worried about my kids and using technology. Especially if the web can be used on it.

Jamie said...

This is great! It's so important to stay on top of what the kids are doing online anymore.

Scott said...

We have had to use something like this in the past. I think it was router-based, but that didn't help when outside the home. Checking this one out!

Edna Williams said...

Tech has such potential to open doors, but we dp have to keep our kids safe. This app sounds so helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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