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Reachabowl Pet Feeders (pair)-1-US-Ends 12/23

Monday, December 11, 2017

Although I hate to admit it--I'm getting older and it is getting harder and harder for me to bend over and pick up my cat's food and water bowls. She is a pretty sloppy eatter which means I am always cleaning up all that dry food that ends up all over the place it seems to me.

How nice it would be to not have to keep bending over with the resultant BACK PAIN as I fill and empty her bowls. And to not have to bend over once again to clean up her mess priceless!! Read more about it below and the review on Mom Does Reviews.

This giveaway is sponsored by ReachaBowl and hosted by Mom Does Reviews.

About ReachaBowl

Feed Your Pets Without Back Pain!
  • Imagine never bending down to pick up a pet bowl again!
  • Imagine just enjoying playing with your dogs or cats without worrying about bending down to give them their food!
  • The ReachaBowl has a tall handle, so that you can pick it up from the floor without having to touch your toes.
Less cleanup for you to worry about!
  • Imagine never cleaning up spilled kibble or water off of the floor again!
  • The Reachabowl has a tall rim around it’s base that stops kibble and water from spilling onto the floor, even if you (or your pets) bump into it.
  • The ReachaBowl comes apart for cleaning and is completely dishwasher safe.
The Right size for your pet!
  • The ReachaBowl comes in two convenient sizes to provide the perfect amount of food for your dog or cat.
  • Small (2 bowls, 1 cup each) for pets up to 20 lbs.
  • Medium (2 bowls, 2.5 cups each) for pets 20 – 35 lbs.

Be sure to read Sherryl's review on Mom Does Reviews HERE.


One lucky reader will win a pair of Reachabowl Pet Feeders

The giveaway is open to USA

The giveaway ends 12/23 at 1159 PM EST

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!

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Mammamayor said...

I sweep and wipe all the time lol ,

Jill J. said...

We keep a double layer of place mats in my dog's corner where he eats. And every now and then we will wash them and sweep.

Unknown said...

I usually mop it a few times a week and sweep/wipe as needed which is quite often! I also use a microfiber place mat for their dishes.

Kim N said...

My dog isn't messy but I mop weekly there.

Christa said...

I sweep the area all the time and mop the area quite often.

Anonymous said...

We are using an old school lunch tray...:(
Lisa Vanhook

jennifer finn said...

I use a rag and windex

Dana said...

I keep her bowls on top of old newspaper. For spills I use Fantastic.

Jeremy said...

We have placemat under his bowl, which helps alot.

Julie said...

We have a small rug under their bowls.

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