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Book Review-Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death: An Amy Lynch Investigation (Amy Lynch Investigations Book 1)-P.K. Norton

Friday, November 17, 2017

Amy Lynch works for an insurance agency. One of their clients -a hotel-thinks it is about to get sued for deaths related to food. Of course the insurance company is not about to just "settle" and hand out money so they send their lead investigator, Amy, to find out what happened and who is to blame. Amy's boyfriend convinces her to let him tag along.

Amy can not put her finger on it--but something is not right and she is not about to stop until she finds the truth--too many deaths and from petit fours?

There is quite a bit of humor in these pages as Amy tries to investigate while feeling somewhat guilty about leaving her boyfriend to his own devises. So many suspects--but she can't find them all--except the ones that are slowly being killed off!!

Will she get to bottom of this mess--what happened to those petit fours? Is the hotel to blame or will the insurance have to pay up (IF a lawsuit is ever actually filed). I think you will enjoy this one and as for me-well I'm looking forward to more in this series!

About the Book: (from the Publicist)

Local Author Introduces New Heroine, New Thriller Series Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death is First Killer Book

Amy Lynch was conceived in a restaurant in Nantucket where local author, PK Norton, and her husband were sipping cocktails and discussing various ways to kill people. After another round of drinks and a bit more conversation, Amy became the protagonist in a mystery series embroiling her in mayhem and murder.

Amy – whom author Hallie Ephron described as “smart, spunky and funny” -- is a claim investigator for an insurance company based in Boston. This is the only boring thing about her, and it turns out to be not boring at all. It is amazing to what lengths people will go to collect an insurance claim check.

In Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death, the first in the Amy Lynch Investigations series, our protagonist finds herself in Key West investigating the deaths of four guests at a hotel wedding reception—apparently from ingesting tainted key lime petit fours.

Her investigation is beset with problems from the start. Hotel management pushes for a quick settlement regardless of fault. Local police call the incident a tragic accident. Potential witnesses are missing or deceased. Amy fends off pressures from all sides and encounters death everywhere. The health inspector dies in an accident; the local reporter turns up drowned; a homeless woman Amy befriends is found dead and deceased wildlife frequently crosses her path.

As she forges on in the face of these obstacles, Amy keeps us laughing and wondering. The one thing we are sure of is that hotel “Beaux Reves” proffers more than just “sweet dreams”.

Author Jeremiah Healy commented: “Norton weaves realistic professional procedure and unexpected emotional jolts into the otherwise erotic flavor of Key West, creating a debut that will seriously contend for all the “Best First” awards.”

Future adventures will bring Amy to Paris, Cape Cod and other mystery-ridden locales.

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About the Author:(from the Publicist)

Paula PK Norton had no idea that what she did for a living would prove so significant until Amy Lynch, Insurance Investigator, was born. Like mother, like offspring/heroine. Paula’s passions also surface in Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death and future books in her series. Interests like archeology, The Association of Former Intelligence Officers –yes, she is a card-carrying member – Paris, Key West and fencing.

But the affection that figured most in her life and her writing was for husband, Jack. Together, over cocktails and dinner, Paula and Jack concocted unique ways to kill people. There are many of these – enough to fill at least four books in the Amy Lynch Mystery Series.

When she is not plotting and writing, Paula is, well, plotting and writing with Sisters in Crime and the Cape Cod Writers Center.

Paula was born and raised in Abington where she taught at the public schools and resides now in Easton, MA.

Authors Website

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Gladys Parker said...

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death sounds like a fun murder mystery that even I would like. That is a high rating since I usually avoid death at all costs. It is the amusing parts that catch my attention and the fact that the hotel wants to settle quickly, that makes me curious as to why.

Jacqui Odell said...

This sounds like an interesting book. The kind that has a lot of twists and turns. Which is the ones i think is best.

Scott said...

Sounds like 'Amy' is bringing a lot of bad luck! Especially if all her suspects keep dying!

Denise C said...

Hahaha...all the best ideas seem to happen over cocktails. This sounds like a fun read.

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