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Book Review-The Final Reality: An Alex Pella Novel-Stephen Martino

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I first read the first book in this series back in 2014 ( see my review here) but I never really forgot it--It left a lasting impression on me. I somehow missed the 2nd in the series--but I will get to it!! These can definitely be read as stand alone as I have proved.

The Final Reality should scare you to death--especially after reading the afterward by the author that tells where he got his info. This will remind you of a Star Wars type book--and reads like one--it will capture your attention right from the start and keep on going!!

Will Alex be able to overcome his arch enemy and save the earth from total destruction?

There are more then several occurrences and events that should remind you of the present day and what is going on in the world today.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

In the high-octane conclusion of the Alex Pella novels, the brilliant doctor and inventor finds himself racing against the unstoppable ambition of Jules Windsor who now leads The New Reality. When Jules begins to uncover the powerful, long-forgotten technology behind the world’s massive megalithic structures, he sets into motion the same cascade of events that once destroyed the ancient civilization that built them. As the planet heads toward an apocalyptical upheaval not seen since biblical times, Alex and his team know they must stop Jules—and The New Reality—once and for all.

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Steve Martino is an Amazon bestselling author who has written the fast-paced and politically-relevant Alex Pella novel series, which include The New Reality, and The Hidden Reality. His latest release, The Final Reality, is set for publication at the end of 2017.

A member of the International Thriller Writers, Steve’s action-political thrillers are often compared to such substantive novels as the Sigma Series by James Rollins, novels by Isaac Asimov, the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, and The Andromeda Strain by fellow physician, Michael Crichton.

Steve has an extensive history of political blogging and has been a featured co-host on the OnFire TV Show. He has been interviewed by Hollywood Up Close, Writestream Radio Network, Freedomizer Radio, A Book and a Chat, the Michael Dresser Show, and Nutmeg Broadcasting among others. His books have been featured on numerous blogs across the United States and Europe including Indigo Quill, Writer’s Life, Confessions of a Reader, As the Page Turns, I Heart Reading, and Mary’s Cup of Tea among others.

Steve’s goal with his writing is to incorporate certain pressing topics that effect our word today such the unprecedented world-wide economic debt, globalism, the clash between East and West, and the growing schism in political interests with stimulating topics such as ancient Greek military history, biblical connections, medical twists, and futuristic scientific concepts.

By trade Steve Martino is a board-certified neurologist. He has been quoted in the local newspaper, publicized in a New Jersey medical flyer, and featured on a major hospital system’s neuroscience website. He also is an avid educator, instructing both medical students and residents along with high school students, EMS squads and physicians throughout New Jersey. His dedication to the field of medicine has been recognized both nationally and locally.

Steve lives in NJ with his wife, five children, and dog. When not working, he can be found with his kids at Boy Scouts, playing LEGOs on the floor, at a soccer game or watching a school play or dance recital.


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shelly said...

I'll have to share this with my friend who loves these kinds of stories!

Gladys Parker said...

This book sounds mad and frightening. I know just the person who would enjoy it. Suspense and mystery mixed with the world we actually live in is a read for a sorted lot who can appreciate this kind of fiction.

Linda A Kinsman said...

You have got me intrigued. I love a good book that stays with you and makes you want to learn more. Sounds like my type of book!Doesn't hurt that you mentioned this book should scare you.

Beck Valley Books said...

It's an extemely eye catching title, makes you want to look more into the book.

Jacqui Odell said...

This book sounds like it's one that keeps you on your toes. I would love to see how Alex does.

Tamra Phelps said...

This does sound like a great action thriller with a little futuristic stuff thrown in, lol. Actually, I like that. I just might enjoy this series.

Amber Ludwig said...

Scare me to death!?!? Challenge accepted!! Must check it out!! I feel like I'll have to catch up with the others first though!

trishden said...

I'll have to look into this series. I love books like this that are based on real hidden realities. I am of the belief that truth is stranger than fiction. Many authors disguise truth in the form of fiction, this sounds like one such series. Thanks for the review.

slehan said...

Looks like an interesting book.
Thanks for the review. 
slehan at juno dot com

Jessica Lodge said...

I love sci-fi books. I love them even better if they're a little scary :) This one sounds very interesting.

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