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Partial Disappearing Act

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I will be doing a partial disappearing act for a week or two. I'm fine but will be busy with outside bookkeeping clients. Yes, you will still see me tweeting all the giveaways listed on my site liking Facebook entries and even plusing some Google entries--and more then likely will be adding more giveaways during this time! Click through threads--maybe. As for Book reviews--I will try to get some in!! Sunday Stroll will still be up every Saturday at 6:30 PM as will the Free and Sale Books Linky that appears on my blog on Thurdays at midnight.

Since I got my new computer I am also way behind on keeping up with my finances on Quicken--------a lot of catching up to do there---and it is difficult for me to read those bank statements. I have not yet figured out how to make the print come out larger.

Meanwhile, back at the home front my cat, Baby, wants me OFF the computer and in bed by 8 or 9 the absolute latest. She is very vocal (loudly) about it all--plus, besides standing in front of the computer she starts destroying things. Paper on floor--objects to the floor in the living room so I will get up to see what she is doing. Once I turn off the computer and get in bed she comes and kneads me--purring all the while--then curls up at the end of my bed and goes to sleep.

Well, now you know that I am okay and not back in the hospital. I just have to put bookkeeping on the front burner for a week or two!!

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Buzz4Mommies said...

That is so funny about your cat. Our cat is very vocal about what she wants too! Hope you get all your book keeping done and we'll see you back soon!

Jamie said...

Good luck with your to-do list! Hope to see you again in a week or so. :)

LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

Hopefully you will be able to get caught up soon and don't forget to take care of your self so you don't end up ill.

Gladys Parker said...

Very glad to hear this part time off is not health related! As LeahSay said be sure to keep yourself in fore front so that you don't become sick. NY is known for surprise storms, although I'm hoping this nice weather stays for a long time! Baby sounds like my sons cat upstairs except around four am she decides it is rock N' relocate time for anything within her reach. Take some time to enjoy yourself too!

Denise C said...

I think your cat is very wise. I'd love to be in bed by 9 every night. I bet I'd have more productive days!

TNE said...

I wish it were just my cat making messes lol, but 4 kids destroying the house one by one! So glad you are healthy and good luck this week with bookkeeping!

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