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Looking for the Perfect Car for You and Your Children?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This is a sponsored post

I never seem to have the luxury of researching a car when I need one! Usually it has to be bought yesterday. I've been really lucky most of the time and managed to get either a new car that more or less was within my budget and had the features that I wanted, or a used car where I had my fingers crossed. My latest car is a hand me down from my Mom. She stopped driving (finally in her 90's) and my car had DIED--. I only wish they had Cars.com back when I was scrambling and needed a vehicle fast. There is such a wealth of information at their site. You just choose the type of car you prefer, the make and/or model, whether you want a used or new car and click! Lots of cars and where to buy them pops up along with important information about those vehicles. There is even a price comparison tool.

There are also lots of places to research almost any questions you may have about cars. Back when I was a child I would stand in the back seat and lean over the front seat between my parents. When my friends started having children it was much the same. I distinctly remember driving very slow back then! These days car seats are mandatory, and with good reason. If you need a car seat or seats there is a page that lets you know which ones will fit in which cars and how to install them! There is a car seat safety video that you can view. You would be surprised how many car seats are installed incorrectly. Car seats may save your child's life one day--make sure it is installed correctly in the vehicle you own! If you still are not sure the police or firefighters where you live may be able to help you--I have seen them around here in shopping parking lots helping people. And please make sure your car seat has not expired or is still the right size for your child!

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Gladys Parker said...

Safety is so important. I remember laying in the little shelf under the back window watching the stars. OMGoodness was that ever unsafe or the Sundays drives we took with my grandparents. One child sat up front between grandma and grandpa while my parents sat in the back each holding a child with one in the middle, wow. Cars.com seems like an awesome place to shop for a car. Having all those vehicles and options right at your finger tips!

Jamie said...

That is such a great website. I love being able to see whatever it is I need. Being a Mom, there's a lot more to a vehicle than just mileage! :)

Rebecca Swenor said...

It is so true that Cars.com is indeed a great place to research about cars before you buy them. I wish they had this sight when I purchased my last car. The car seats are so important for children and they really do save lives. Thanks for sharing the information.

Rose-Marie said...

I've heard this a good way to find a car. I want to check it out, as I'm thinking of getting a car this year, and have been dreading the process.

Edna Williams said...

I would love to check this out. I am not currently in the market for a car, but I hope to be soon! Thanks for sharing!

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