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Cup of Hope Keep Calm Gift Basket-1-US-Ends 10/15

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cup Of Hope Giveaway
October 5-15, 2017
Open to US

What a wonderfully relaxing gift this would make for any woman. Repubic Teas are always good-no matter which one you prefer. This selection is aimed at giving relaxation after even thee most hectic day. It even will include a pretty teacup and some delicious fruit slices to complement the tea. Sit back--put on that tiara and relax!

Breast cancer is one of the most frightening diagnosis a women can receive. Cup of Hope knows this and created this basket in recognition of Breast Cancer Month. If you know someone battling breat cancer--get one of these baskets for her and bring a smile to her face. Fill out the giveaway form below and you may be the one to win it.

Here's hoping that they find a cure for breat cancer and all cancers in our lifetime.

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

Cup of Hope Gift Basket, Breast Cancer Awareness

Sponsored by CUP OF HOPE

We are celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. A woman who has received this dire diagnosis does need support from her family and friends.

Nancy Parker, the owner of Cup of Hope, a thriver who has been through this diagnosis herself, formed her company of warm, encouraging, and giving energy to live gifts when she was going her chemo treatment. She poured her dreams and creativity into each gift basket, as that's what she would have loved to receive to get the support that made that smile on the face a real thing.

Every woman is precious. Every woman is a Princess ten times when she is fighting her way through darkness and dead ends during her breast cancer painful journey.

Here's a Keep Calm gift basket from Cup of Hope to make a woman relax and shine that smile everybody wants to see.

• A Princess who will receive this gift basket, will indulge in:
• Get Relaxed Republic Tea: Organic rooibos, linden flower, chamomile, lavender
• 100% California Crisp Fruit Slices: mandarin orange, pineapple, apple
• Princess Porcelain Tea Cup
• Whimsical Tiara
• Regal Purple Gift Box
• Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On Card

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Ends at 11:59pm EDT on OCTOBER 15, 2017

I received an entry in the giveaway form for helping to promote this giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook.


hhkaufman78 said...

I would give it to my BF.

ken ohl said...

plan to gift it to my mom

Julie Lynn Bickham said...

I would give this to my step mom. She is a 3 time breast cancer survivor. This would be great for October Breast Cancer awareness month.

Unknown said...

I would use it to give to my mom to help her relax after taking care of my dad who has cancer!

Jeanna Massman said...

I would gift many of the items to my friends and family.

amy guillaume linderman said...

have too many family/friends who have been diagnosed...would be hard to choose

Amy Craft said...

I would give to my friend who was recently diagnosed with stage 3.

Anonymous said...

I would give this to my boss as a Christmas gift!

Kelly McGrew

Unknown said...

I would gift this to my best friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.Thanks!

Patricia said...

I would give it to my aunt.

Unknown said...

I would give this to my mother-in-law

Teresa Thompson said...

I would gift it to my daughter.

Ash said...

I would gift it to my mom


Jessica Whitehouse said...

I am 5 years post-cancer treatment. I would share this with my daughter, so we could enjoy a girls only tea party.

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