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BUDU Phone Case, Customization, One Attachment, and free shipping-1-US-Ends 9/30

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This giveaway is sponsored by BUDU and hosted by Mom Does Reviews.

What a great idea this is. Not only do you get to customize your phone case, it also includes magnets to hold it in place--say in a car. Read below about the various attachments--it simply amazes me. As for me--if I had that kind of a phone I would probably opt for it holding my drivers license. Well worth the price if you decide you can not wait--and the shipping is free--good luck to the one lucky winner of this great giveaway!

BUDU is giving away a free BUDU phone case of choice, with free customization, one attachment, and free shipping to one lucky winner!

About the BUDU Phone Case

At the heart of the BUDU phone case is its multi-magnet backing. While the system is extremely quick and easy to use, its functionality is amazing. Four magnets are embedded in the case itself. The attachments each have their own magnets also, allowing a firm connection between the BUDU case and the attachment of your choice. Although it has a solid connection, switching the attachments is very easy!

BUDU Attachments

With its magnetic backing, the BUDU phone case allows for extremely quick and easy modification based on your needs. Whether it is the custom image plate with a photo of your choosing, the wallet to hold your license and a credit or debit card, or the anti-gravity plate which allows you to attach your phone to nearly any surface with just a quick snap of a magnet, you can literally change the look and functionality of your cell phone case.

BUDU Mount Option

In addition, BUDU phone case offers a car mount that is perfect for those times when you need your GPS or are in a hands-free area. With the 360-degree swivel rotation, it guarantees to put your phone in just the right spot for easy viewing.

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One lucky reader will win a BUDU case of choice, with free customization as well as one attachment. Plus, free shipping.

The giveaway is open to US Only

The giveaway ends 9/30 at 1159p est

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!

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