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I Saved the Steak!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I was shopping last week and noticed that they were having a BOGO on steak. I love steak! So without really thinking about it I picked up 2 packages. I was looking at the price rather then the cut or thickness. I got home and as I usually do I cut each steak into 3 parts for freezing (I am single remember!). SIX meals!!! I decided to make one that night.

Now I don't have an outdoor grill since I live in an apartment--but I do have a metal grill which I put over my stove burners. It usually works really well----not this time. The steak came out tough and I barely managed to finished it. UH OH--I had 5 more pieces to cook eventually---then I remembered something----

At one time I had wanted to make a roast and looked up how to cook it in the oven. I don't remember where I ultimately found out but it worked. Maybe it would work with these pieces of beef as well? IT DID!!!

What I did was--took the two biggest pieces out of the freezer and let them defrost. Rubbed onion and garlic powder on both sides--then using my hands I put light extra virgin olive oil (one I happened to have it in the house) making sure to cover the pieces completely. I threw them in an aluminum pan (did not feel like washing my roaster afterwards) into the oven at 500 degrees approx 15 minutes. They came out perfect for my taste--I tend to like steak on the rare side. I was able to slice those pieces down--2 pieces and I ended up getting 3 meals at least out of them!!!!!

I love when I am able to save money and make meals that will last for more then one day--what about you?

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Suzy said...

I do the same thing constantly. For instance I'll buy a few pork sirloin roasts and cook it my favorite way. Couple cans of whole tomato, 20 jalapenos, cilantro, whole onion, and just cook it all day. Then homemade guac, homemade salsa, homemade tortillas, cheese, fresh onion, lettuce, and whatever else imaginable. Make burritos and make this so hot a drink is required for each bite. We lived in Redlands CA and drove to Hemet to have this for dinner. Next day DROVE back to Hemet for leftovers. Now it's one of my favorite meals. I make two pots, super hot and mild.

Suzy said...

oh I meant to say I bag it up in zip locks and get many, many meals out of it. yes I make it for just myself often.

Jess Benoit said...

Nice! I never cook steak because it always comes out tough. Hubs will grill it instead and it comes out perfect. I will, however, Pin this post for the time I do have to cook it. Thanks!

Gladys Parker said...

That was definitely the time to buy it. My daughter told me about oven cooking my steak and like you it turned out perfectly. I'm glad you could buy big and save. I don't know why they make the smaller packs of meat more expensive. I don't always like cutting and repackaging after I get home.

LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

It sounded like a great way to save money and cooking in the oven works for me! I started buying my boneless chicken breast which is individually wrapped in the package so I can pull one out without having to defrost the entire package. I wish they would wrap all meats this way for those of us who cook for one.

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