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Book Review-Toxic Minds: The damage is done... (A Lambeth Group Thriller)-Gordon Bickerstaff

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

If you love thrillers this one will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! Non-stop action! Twists and turns GALORE. This is the second in the Lambeth Group Thrillers I have read by Gordon Bickerstaff. See my review of Deadly Secrets here. These thrillers can definitely be read as stand alone! I will get to numbers 2 and 3-and that is a promise!!

Fracking, terrorists, university politics and secret organizations all combine to keep you guessing as a family is torn apart by lies-or are they lies?

I actually purchased and continued reading this book after reading the sample chapters and I think you will too!!

About The Book: (from Amazon)

Toxic Minds is a thrilling emotional drama.

'There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other' - Madeleine Albright

The damage is done… Alexa Sommer had it all - then came meltdown, and divorce as she is forced out of her job. Desperately, she tries to reconnect with her family and rebuild her life in a new job. But her work is controversial, and her enemies plan to stop her by any means. Alexa's new colleagues have a compelling reason to want her sacked. Gavin Shawlens is a colleague, and he is all Alexa has on her side as a perfect storm of dreadful nightmares bear down on her.

Read a couple of chapters here (and I defy you not to want to read more!!)

Purchase the Book Here At the time of this writing only $1.49!!

About the Author: (from Amazon)

I was born and raised in Glasgow but spent my student years in Edinburgh. On summer vacations, I learned plumbing, garden maintenance, and I cut the grass in the Meadows. I learned some biochemistry and taught it for a while before I retired to write fiction. I do some aspects of DIY moderately well and other aspects not so well. I live with my wife in Scotland where corrupt academics, mystery, murder and intrigue exists mostly in my mind. I have written the Gavin Shawlens series of thrillers: Deadly Secrets, Everything To Lose, The Black Fox, and Toxic Minds. More will come in due course. I enjoy walking in the hills, 60s & 70s music, reading and travel.

Author's Website
Author's Amazon Page

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Gladys Parker said...

Toxic Minds:The damage is done sounds like a nightmare, but isn't that the idea of a thriller? A couple of my kids, well my son and my other son's girl friend would absolutely love this book. It is going on my gift list.

Jamie said...

This sounds like an interesting book. Great review.

Denise C said...

I could use an action-packed story to get my mind of of real life for a while.

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