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Keeping on Track

Sunday, July 30, 2017

One would imagine that being a bookkeeper (semi-retired) that I would keep up with my personal tax work all year long. Not so this year--it is already August and my Quicken is not even updated. Well partially--since January! NOT GOOD!! As for the Excel spreadsheet I made up to keep track of how much I still owe on those darn credit cards-need to update that as well. This spreadsheet is also a kind of Budget which tells me how much I will hopefully bring in cash wise vs the amount I have to pay out--and a calculation of how many more months it will take--DEPRESSING.

Meanwhile on the blogging front--I am trying to ignore the way that my Alexa number is going in the wrong direction-or trying to anyway. With first me then my Mom in the hospital and now having to take her everywhere she wants to go--my blog has taken a hit. It is hard to write/type when your eyes hurt--Doctor still trying to figure that one out. I won't talk about the fact that the letters on my keyboard are really almost illegible--me needs a new keyboard!

Google has always picked on me--first they took me from a 3 to a zero. That got resolved thankfully-but it did take almost a year. At the time I saw a post somewhere that said my blog was the most followed and viewed of all the 0's! That one had to do with the follow/no follow rules. What a job that was--changing all of them. Of course that ended up costing me many sponsored posts--so be it. Just recently they closed my Google ads--reason--too many of the same people clicked on the links? I'm not fighting it--I just switched to Amazon. But there was more extra money I lost.

Today (Saturday) I have to go to a client--tomorrow I have to go to my cousin's Mom's funeral---

Needless to say, other then this and the Sunday Stroll I won't be on much this weekend. I will try and be in some of the Facebook threads--but not as much as I normally do!!

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Gladys Parker said...

Wow, something wasn't aligned right for you. I hope all is well on the health front for you and your mom! As for damn credit cards I hear ya. My score hasn't seen 750 in awhile and probably won't. I currently am not using it. Everything attacked your blog. I don't know if I would even realize if something changed. I hope everything turns around for you real soon!

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