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Book Review-In The Stars: A Humorous Romantic Mystery (Amber Reed Mystery Book 1)-Zanna Mackenzie

Monday, June 5, 2017

Do you read the emails from authors you follow? I do and once in a while I even look into their recommendations--In the Stars is one of them. This is a thoroughly enjoyable clean cozy which offers a couple of twists and turns. The female lead--a writer of horoscopes for the local paper (she also tends bar on occasion!) leads a pretty ordinary life until a friend's brother is found dead. This friend is a movie star who hates being in the public eye and hired a special secret agent. He then proceeds to ask Amber to keep an eye on the agent! What goes on is really quite funny when Amber has to convince this agent that she is not going to back off--meanwhile there are sparks flying between the two of them--which both try very hard to ignore!

So, who killed the brother? The answer is unusual. What I want to know --will these two be able to entwine their lives--quess who will eventually get to the second book in this series!

Thank you Anna Celeste Burke for this recommendation!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

"Addictive new series, approach only if you are willing to read into the early hours of the morning!!!" Chicks That Read

"Lighthearted and with a lovely touch of screwball comedy this is truly great fun. While cosy and entertaining, the mystery part is well done and keeps suspense and tension nicely up. I’m not surprised that this is the first in a successful series."
Book Blog: writerchristophfischer

One desperate phone call is all it takes to turn Amber’s previously dull day into one speeding scarily out of control!

Amber Reed’s at work making up the horoscopes for the local newspaper and wishing for some excitement in her life, when she gets a phone call offering her just that.

Plunged into the middle of a celebrity murder investigation she’s desperately trying to convince the scarily handsome special agent assigned to solve the case that she can help him catch the killer.

Amber’s soon battling something far more dangerous than she could ever have imagined – and it has nothing to do with the equally scary chemistry fizzing between her and special agent Charlie.

Is it Amber’s wish for more excitement in her life which has landed her in big trouble – or is her fate written in the stars?

In The Stars is part of the fun, romantic Amber Reed Mystery series:

* In The Stars (book 1)
* On Trial ( book 1.5)
* Precious (book 2)
* Forever Mine (book 3)
* Past Perfect (book 4)
* Stop The Beat (book 5)
* Paradise Lost (book 6) - COMING SOON!

If you love plenty of romance and comedy with your mysteries then grab an Amber Reed book and join Amber on one of her many fun sleuthing adventures!

Kindle Unlimited members can read this book, as well as the rest of this fun series, for free!

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)


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Gladys Parker said...

I enjoy lighthearted reads. The fact that it is funny just ups the desire to read for me. I want to know how she lets him know she's not backing off and what she says to him about it.

SimpleStepsForLivingLife said...

Sounds like a great read! I like ones that are clean and funny and with a bit of mystery. Plus, I know this is silly but I like the cover for the book.

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