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Book Review-Old Flames (Lainswich Witches Book 9)-Raven Snow

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I can definitely attest to the fact that each book in this series can be read as a stand alone. I just had finished reading and reviewing book 1 and book 2 when I was asked to read and review the 9th book in this series! Did I enjoy it? Yes I did. Every bit as much as I enjoyed the first two. This witchy family are characters--that is for certain. Poor Rowen is about the most normal of all of them and it seems it is up to her to keep the rest of them out of trouble.

The rest of the town of Lainswich barely tolerates the Greensmiths. Reality--they are just as bad. Talk small towns and gossip and who is with who and when! Meanwhile one of Rowen's premonitions comes true and a murder occurs---and her ex fiance appears in town. He is part of the Stonewells--another witch family who no longer live in the town and are long time arch enemies of the Greensmiths. Rowen never told her husband about this period in her life--and since they were already having problems----

This is a fun read----and wait until you read what the recently deceased tells them via the Ouija board---this murdered lady was not a happy camper!

About the book: (from Amazon)

When a family friend is murdered, it falls to Rowen Greensmith to crack the case. The whole family is upset, and why shouldn’t they be? In Lainswich, a friend of the Greensmiths is a rare thing indeed. They like to keep as many of those in the land of the living as possible.

On the other hand, they have plenty of enemies. They could certainly do with one less of those when a Stonewell shows up in town. The Stonewells have always been the natural enemies of the Greensmiths. They’re another family of witches, one that moved away from Lainswich quite some time ago. So what are they doing back now?

Worse than that, Flint Stonewell is an old flame of Rowen’s. Surely he’s only here to make her life more complicated. It’s like he can just sense the fact that she and her husband have been bickering over the most minor things lately. Now she has to worry about mending her relationship on top of solving a murder. And that’s only if she can keep the rest of her family from killing Flint first.

Rowen will count herself lucky if she makes it to the other side of this one. Solve a murder, try to right a family feud that goes back generations, repair her marriage, and oh yeah, find the guardian spirits that have decided to up and abandon her family at, perhaps, the worst possible time. Work is just never done when you’re a Greensmith witch.

Nineth Volume of the Lainswich Witches Mystery Series. Approx. 50,000 words in length. It is a standalone (reading prior or future volumes not required to enjoy the book, no cliffhanger).

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About the Author; (from Amazon)

Raven Snow lives in the Pacific Northwest & enjoys writing Witch Cozy Mysteries.

Author's Website

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

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Beck Valley Books said...

Sounds like quite an interesting read, I like the mix of the mystery with the witch theme, you have me wondering about the Ouija board now!!

Gladys Parker said...

This sounds very interesting, intriguing with all the mystery and bad blood of the town. Throw in the fun part Hexes, Exes and Old Flames you a killer read for my daughter. Actually she is happily married that part would be for me, the rest with it's supernatural for her.

Jamie said...

Reminds me of an adult version of a Scooby Doo mystery. :) Sounds like a great read!

Jacqui Odell said...

I am not really into mystery books, but my mother in law is! I will share this book with her.

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