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Top 3 Inspiring World Organizations that Promote Literacy #4 #Literacy

Friday, April 7, 2017

Top 3 Inspiring World Organizations that Promote Literacy

Illiteracy, which affects millions of people all around the world at present, is caused by a number of interrelated factors that, when grouped together, can produce a number of challenging barriers not only for the illiterate, but also for those around them. For example, those who are born to parents who has less formal schooling also have a higher chances of becoming illiterate. They will also most likely experience difficulty in learning.

Some possible reasons behind the problem of illiteracy are insufficient reading and learning materials, inadequate stimulation regarding the importance of reading, challenging living conditions, learning disabilities, and dropping out of school.

Fortunately, it’s now possible for everyone to take part in fighting illiteracy by being part of certain organizations that promote learning.

1. Room to Read

– This organization aims to offer support to girls in challenged regions as it promotes literacy and proper education. It constantly partners with local communities so it can reach all vital elements of education. These include classrooms, libraries, training educators, books and other reading materials. It operates in several countries including Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The goal of Room to Read is to make some positive changes in the lives of millions of people around the world, particularly illiterate children. Their focus is on gender equality when it comes to education, as well as literacy. They also offer support to girls in completing their secondary education and honing relevant life skills.

2. LitWorld

– If you are in search of an organization, which supports literacy practices all over the world, then LitWorld is one of your best options. It operates a number of programs designed to hone literacy. Most of their activities are undertaken in several locations, including Kenya, Sierra Leona and Iraq.

One great thing about LitWorld is that they constantly implement innovative solutions to tackle the challenges associated to illiteracy worldwide. They combine the power of the own stories created by children, easy access to several writing and reading experiences, adult-mentor relationships and peer-to-peer communication to fight illiteracy.

3. Bookshare

An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities

– This is the biggest and the most accessible digital library in the world, which is mainly designed for those who have learning and print disabilities, like dyslexia. It offers free memberships to US students and schools that qualify and meet their requirements.

Bookshare provides easy access to over 43,000 books in digital form as well as textbooks. They also have readings recommended by teachers, thereby helping anyone who has problems with learning enjoy reading independently and attain success.

While the rate of illiteracy is constantly growing, note that there are things that you can do to fight it. Just participating in the programs developed by the right organizations can go a long way.

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