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Primal Essence Coconut Oil and Super Tea Prize Pack ($60 arv)-1-US-Ends 4/25

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Win a Primal Essence Coconut Oil and Super Tea Prize Pack

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Oh how nice it would be to be able to make a cup of iced tea without first having to boil the water then empty an ice cube tray into a large glass--then add a tea bag and wait.! According to what I read on the site and in the review above--all you need is a squirt or two and voila--iced tea without all the mess. Of course you could make hot tea with it as well. Did you notice they have my favorite-PEPPERMINT. This product is really right up my alley!

I love shrimp--the Italian Herb coconut oil and then some bread crumbs--in the oven and out--a feast!! The Lemon Pepper I would definitely use with chicken breasts (maybe the Italian herb as well. The Garlic Onion would go great with steak!! I am sitting here salivating--All these products sound soo good!!

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Boost the flavor of your food with infused coconut oils from Primal Essence. These Organic Infused Virgin Coconut Oils help create perfectly seasoned and sublimely delicious meals, desserts and snacks. Just a spoonful of Infused Coconut Oil enables anyone — from a serious chef to a casual home cook — to instantly boost the flavor of their favorite foods quickly, conveniently and affordably. Primal Essence’s varieties include Chipotle Chili, Garlic Onion, Indian Curry, Italian Herb, Lemon Pepper and Thai Curry, Vanilla Sweet, Cinnamon Sweet and Ginger Sweet.


They don't stop at your food though you can also enjoy more flavor and benefits of their Super Teas. Certified Organic and Kosher. Derived from the world’s finest and purest organic herbs, spices and botanicals, Super Teas are packed with beneficial whole plant phytonutrients and are completely free of artificial ingredients, caffeine, sugar, GMOs or gluten. Primal Essence’s delicious Super Teas are available in several varieties including: Classic Chai, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Ginger, Ginger Zing, Peppermint Splash, and Turmeric Tulsi.

One lucky reader will win a Primal Essence Coconut Oil & Super Tea Prize Pack ($60 arv)!

Includes: 3 Super Teas and 3 Infused Coconut Oils!

Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries!

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Unknown said...

I have tried the coconut oil before and it is wonderful. It's so much healthier for you and it makes your food taste so much better. I would recommend it to anyone that's looking for a healthier and very tasty options

Gracie L. said...

I've used coconut oil before, but that is all.

Unknown said...

I love coconut oil and tea. This would be perfect

tomsawyer912 said...

i haven't tried infused food and would have to do research to decide what to try

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