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I Did Something NO Newbie Should Ever Do!

Friday, April 28, 2017

I remember way back when I first started my blog I was told something--NEVER delete a post!! And you really shouldn't. But in the interest of possibly speeding up my blog--I did just that!!

I have been hosting Sunday Stroll Giveaway Linky since July 2011--yes you read that correctly--and I never missed a week--well maybe one when I was in the hospital. I kept all the ones that were around that date for each year just for the heck of it! It was interesting to see how the numbers of views went up--Thank you everyone! There may be some still hanging around which I will find and delete and also back in 2011 I saw some that I joined with others that I will be deleting. This was no easy job!! You do the math--6 years times 52 posts each year--plus some from 2017----

Yes I will continue to host Sunday Stroll which goes live Saturday nights at 6:30 pm EST. I will still be promoting it through and including Wednesdays.

Until next time

Have a wonderful day!!

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Gladys Parker said...

You gave me a scare for a few seconds. I seem to forget Planet Weidknecht's because Wednesday is always busy here. I find yours always open and busy. I appreciate it. I thought of starting one once and all I had to do to decide was think about how much work it is. I work slower, not all my fault as I can only type with one hand due to a injury. I can imagine how hard it was to delete all them because I had to go through and take out all wrong links for over a year of stuff, not fun! Glad to read you are keeping it open.

shelly said...

I'm glad you aren't doing away with your Sunday stroll linky! I link up as often as I can.

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