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Book Review-Roller Rink Witchcraft (Harper “Foxxy” Beck Series Book 1)-Raven Snow

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good witches, bad witches--Waresville is filled with witches! "Harper “Foxxy” Beck, owner of the Funky Wheel and all-around groovy witch" has only recently moved back to Waresville to take over the roller skating rink after her father died. She loves what she does and who she does it with. All the characters in this book are exactly that -Characters.

When Foxxy finds her accountant murdered in her roller skating rink she becomes embroiled in the investigation. What is at the bottom of the murder(s) will throw you for a loop. And as for that Detective who she can't seem to get rid of---and her Grandmother who wants Foxxy to take over the Magic shop and let the roller rink go---and that oh so sweet next door neighbor of her Grandmother's----

This is a roller coaster ride that does not stop. This is the first in this series-looking forward to the 2nd!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

In the small town of Waresville, witches, goblins, and ghouls are money in the townspeople’s pockets. Without the magic stores on every corner and spooky tour bus ride, how would a place nicknamed “Wheresville” survive? But when Harper “Foxxy” Beck, owner of the Funky Wheel and all-around groovy witch, finds her murdered accountant plastered to her floor, the citizens are taught a valuable lesson about creatures that go bump in the night: They kill. Turning Harper’s world on its head, the police arrest someone close to her, and she’s forced to investigate to clear her friend’s name. But as this foxy lady gets closer to the true identity of the killer and the alluring Detective Bennett, the man actually assigned to the case, the quiet town of Waresville turns into a dangerous place for a meddling witch.

Suddenly, her long-standing roller rink is a battleground for a satanic witch, and suspects are popping up everywhere she looks. When a second body appears, shattering everything she thought she knew about the murders, Harper needs to decide who she can trust. With the help of her cape-wearing best friend, her hunky detective, and her terrifying witch of a grandmother, Harper must use the clues before her to solve the case— but in a town with hundreds of years of feuds and spooky happenings, will she be able to dig up the truth before hers is the next head on the chopping block?

The theme of this book is a Supernatural/Paranormal Witch Themed Cozy Mystery. It is a "novella", approx. 20,000 words in length which will typically take the average reader about one hour to read. It is the first volume of the Harper "Foxxy" Beck Mystery Series. This book is a standalone, reading further volumes is not required to resolve or enjoy the book. Romance is clean.

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About the Author; (from Amazon)

Raven Snow lives in the Pacific Northwest & enjoys writing Witch Cozy Mysteries.

Author's Website

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Gladys Parker said...

My daughter would love Roller Rink Witchcraft and I may too. She like magic, witches, vampires and I would feel so at home with a roller rink and a small town, well if I were 16 still. Sounds like a good ride, I mean read.

Linda A Kinsman said...

I've been reading more novella style books lately, so I like that this book is a shorter story too. Witches are always a fun main character because they can sustain plot twists. Thanks for sharing.

Buzz4Mommies said...

How unique and clever. Never heard of a witch using roller skates and having an accountant!

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