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Corned Beef, Cabbage and Boiled Potatoes

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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I wrote this back in 2017--Unfortunately I was not able to make Corned Beef and Cabbage this year (2012) as my foot and ankle are already swollen--last thing I need is nore salt!! I might go to the store and buy some first cut corned beef--or maybe stop by the Kosher Deli and pick up a plate of their corned beef and cabbage. At any rate here's wishing everypne a Happy St Patricks Day!

Yup--I actually made it this year--a bit early and by St. Patrick's Day hopefully I will have eaten it all up! Last Sunday I had to go pick up cat food and almond milk so I went to Stop & Shop--the store closest to where I live. While there I had been browsing around a bit when I spotted a sale on corned beef. I was able to pick up a 3lb piece flat cut for around $7.00. The point cut was even cheaper but I prefer the flat cut as it is less fatty. Now 3 lbs of corned beef is a lot for a single person but I figured I'd get 3 or 4 meals out of it--now that is well within my food budget. Okay--potatoes--I ended up getting a bag of pre-washed small which meant I just had to rinse them and throw in the pot. Cabbage was a bit difficult. I do happen to like cabbage but they only had really large ones. I almost put the potatoes and corned beef back when luckily I spotted an organic cabbage which was small--there went my budget but at least I knew I would not have to throw half of it away!

I came home--put the other items away (yeah--I picked up some other items while I was there--so much for just needing.....) Took out my trusty 5 Qt stainless steel STOCK POT and proceeded. I rinsed off the corned beef and put it in the bottom of the pot (fat side up-then flipped it after about 2 hours). Filled the pot up with water and put aside. I managed to cut the cabbage in half using a steak knife ( I really do need a new set of cutting knives! ) I cut one of the halves in half again and put them in the pot (submerged in the water). The half I didn't use I put in a Ziplock freezer bag (cabbage soup maybe?)and put in the refrigerator. I opened the bag of potatoes and after rinsing put about half of the bag in the pot (sticking them in-between the corned beef and the cabbage pieces. I put the cover on the pot--turned the stove on low flame and let cook for approx 4 hours. You will know if the corned beef is done if it is fork tender. What you can't finish put in a container of some sort and add some of the leftover juice from the pot.

I let it all sit in the pot for about an hour until I was ready to eat---It all came out perfectly!!!! It is now Thursday and with some kind of luck I will be finishing it tonight--or maybe I will slice it down as a sandwich?

Do you like or love corned beef and cabbage w/potatoes? I know some recipes call for carrots as well--but I prefer it without.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking in.
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Gladys Parker said...

I have only made corn beef an cabbage once (while my mother was visiting). It was delicious, I'm not sure why I never made it again, mostly because my children weren't thrilled with it. I have only myself to please now so maybe I'll try again. Yours looks so tempting!

Beck Valley Books said...

I love corned beef, our favorite meal is corned beef pie, you have my taste buds going seeing this! x

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