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$25 B&N/PP-1-WW-Scars (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Chronicles)-Natasha S Brown Ends 3/26

Friday, March 3, 2017

Not my usual genre but I found myself totally involved in the story line and with the characters. Asta's Mom had died and her Dad and brother fell off a cliff which left her as the sole survivor in her immediate family. As such she was bound and determined to keep the family farm going. She had been mauled by a large animal and had scars on one side of her face. She had turned down one marriage proposal--and now, with the scars, did not think anyone would want to marry her. Meanwhile bad luck seemed to be following her. The walls kept being trampled down and someone ruined her bee hives. She had planned to sell enough to hire some extra help and pay off a debt to a neighboring farm owner.

At the yearly festival she meets Torin--things start happening fast and furious from then on!

This book was written for readers 18+--however--you may find after reading it that it will be just fine for your older teens.


Along the breathtaking and unforgiving coast of Snæland, Ásta’s ancestral farm is plagued with bad luck. The kinless maiden’s turf walls continue to be found damaged, and there aren’t enough farmhands to maintain the property. Claw marks in the dirt revive old memories of the wolf attack that left her scarred, and she begins to fear the whispers are true—that Fenrir, son of Loki and king of the wolves, has come to claim her and her land.

Torin often leaves his uncle’s farm in the southern hills to track and ensnare valuable gyrfalcons. His secret ability to turn into the birds he trains means his falconry skills are unparalleled, earning him precious silver and gold. If the ghosts of his past didn’t haunt him daily, pushing him to numb his senses with drink, Torin might have married by now—as his uncle often reminds him. He knows the time has finally come to find a wife and settle down.

During the Althing, the gathering of the year, Ásta’s ability to maintain her property comes into question while Torin wonders if a woman in jeopardy of losing her farm is really worth the trouble.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

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About the author
Natasha was born in Nevada City, California. Being an only child, she resorted to using her imagination while exploring the forest surrounding her home (a nasty habit she hasn’t been able to break). Her natural interest in fantasy ignited when her parents read The Hobbit to her as a youth, and from then on anything seemed possible. Once awarded with a Hershey’s bar ‘the size of a Buick’ in her high school English class for creative writing, her passion and interest in literature has never dimmed.

She now lives in Littleton, Colorado, with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

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Beck Valley Books said...

I'm reading this one at the moment! I've had a little bit left to read for ages now, I don't want to finish it so I'm holding back, I love following their story.

Natasha Brown said...

I'm so happy you broke from your usual genre to give it a try! Thank you so much for your review!!

Judy Thomas said...

I would like to shape shift into a wolf as it seems an exciting life.

Unknown said...

I would like to shapeshift into a dog. That way I could really play with and understand my 3 dogs. Plus it would really freak them out at first, which would be fun.

jean602 said...

A dragon because I've always loved dragons.

Richard Brandt said...

I would be an otter because they get to be in the water and always look like they're having a good time.

Laura said...

I would like to be a panther because I've always thought they were cool. :)

Linda H said...

I would shapeshift as an owl because I would want to fly and see the world at night.

AquaCurrent said...

I would want to be a bird because flying would be awesome.

Edye Nicole said...

I'd want to be a werewolf! It seems cool :)


fhms97 said...

id love to be a parrot hehe :3

Mindy Bel said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!
I think I would like to be an animal, so interesting :)

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