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Wednesday--What a Crazy Day!

Friday, February 3, 2017

I don't think I have mentioned this but Con Ed is putting new gas mains all over the town where I live making traffic a nightmare. But I guess it is necessary. They have been working on my street now for a couple of weeks. I have a parking spot so at least I don't have to worry about where to park my car on my street which is a one way. Now why do I mention that? Well for the last couple of weeks I've had to drive the wrong way to get back to my parking spot. BUT on Wednesday------they blocked off a good portion of both entrances to the garage! Well, I had to get to a client----so I drove the wrong way all the way down the street to where a policeman has his car blocking the road. I saw him take a double take then moved his car out of the way FAST so I could get through! Fine I made it to my client. Then off to pick up my Mom who had made an appointment to get her hair cut. We decided to eat at Chopit which is located right next to Ulta.

I do love Chopit's California Steak salad (without the hot peppers!) As we are eating my Mom decided to mention to me that she had made an appointment for both of us to get haircuts---HUH--I had told her that I was going to check out the prices--not have it done immediately!!

Now Ulta really just opened there and they were still getting it together. We ended up having to wait--but it was worth every second (or hour). While I was waiting I noticed a sign that said 10 minute facial for $10.00--I went for it. It was marvelous and I definitely will be going back again for that service! Well I went in with long straggley (is that a word?) hair and came out with short hair that really looks good. It looks very similar to the headshot I use on my blog etc

I still have to let it grow out a bit so they can further fix what the prior hairdresser had done. The cost is really VERY reasonable. My Mom loved her cut (and mine). I will just have to get used to short hair-----until it grows back. By the time I drove home the street was open again until 7 am Thursday morning.

I am home today (Thursday) so no driving the wrong way down my street--I do have a client on Friday---------I hope they are finished with my street real soon!!!

Please note that neither Chopit (or Chop't?) or Ulta knows that I am mentioning them in a blog post--but I definitely recommend them both! The locations I went to are brand spanking new and left off the Saw Mill River Parkway Lawrence Street Exit.

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Gladys Parker said...

What a nnn pain, although, a necessary one. Would you believe I can't find how to spell nu sense as in a pain? I'm sure you will love your hair as it grows on you. haha Seriously, I'm glad you had a nice afternoon out and enjoyed your facial. Hopefully your street was all fixed before today's client.

LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

It sounds like you had a nice day with your mother. Finding the right hairdresser for you is always a challenge. I'm always at a loss when a hairdresser moves or stops working in the business and I'm left find a new salon.

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