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Why You Won't See A Book Review or a Giveaway From Me Today!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Yesterday was a day I am going to try and forget!! I spent 4 hours or so trying to get my old clam cell phone to work. I had switched to pre-paid quite a while ago since I really don't use it very often. Well, after the year was up and I had to put more money on account------I couldn't get through to the company and when I did I would get cut off--so I let it go for more then several months. Didn't bother me any--but my Mom and a couple of my clients went into shock and started working on me. As a result I finally took the plunge and yesterday, Oct 13th, I walked into one of the stores. An hour and a half later--after finding out that my phone number had been recycled (no big deal) but that , according to the salesperson helping me--there were NO MORE PRE PAID PLANS. I thanked him for his time AND WALKED OUT OF THAT STORE.  ii

As I drove home, mumbling to myself the entire way, I was planning my next move.

I immediately came into my bedroom where my computer and landline reside---turned on the computer--started looking for other companies who have pre paid plans. I saw that the company I was already with had them!! I glared at my telephone--found a phone number and dialed. Approx 2 hours later I was FINALLY connected to a person who knew what I was trying to do and could actually set me up with a plan I could live with. They no longer have the plan that I had--but this one will do. In conclusion--I have my same old cell phone with a new phone number and a plan with NO CONTRACT.

Of course I then had to catch up on the days Facebook groups--got them all except one comment group which I hope to get done by this evening--since my Mom has my day planned out for me. Chauffeur Duty.

Note From Baby:

My Mom was SOOOO tired that I decided she had to go to bed early--and I made sure she did!

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